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Drew Brees Press Conference Transcript

From the New Orleans Saints official website.

Q: How does it feel to be here?

A: It feels great. We’re just getting adjusted to the time change and dealing with the jet lag, still sore from the game yesterday, but we’re very happy to be here.

Q: Is everybody excited about the week in England?

A: Yes we are, because everybody’s looking forward to the new week. We know that this is obviously a big game for the NFL as a form of advancing our game of football and we’re happy to be one of the teams playing this game.

Q: What’s the mentality and state of the team at this point, with the injuries and the record not being what you want it to?

A: There’s still disappointment. We haven’t quite put this last game behind us yet, because literally right after this game we jumped on a plane and arrived this morning around 11 o’clock, had lunch, got unpacked and got a run and lift in and here I am. Having not had a lot of time to digest what happened yesterday, I watched the film on the flight over. Our three previous losses were all opportunities that we had to win the game in the end. This was the first one that was that we were beaten decisively in a game against a division opponent that we really felt good going into it. That was more disappointing than anything. We had gotten some guys back and for one reason or another we couldn’t find a rhythm in that game yesterday and obviously there’s some things that we need to correct and fix. We need a win as bad as anybody right now.

Q: How much time on that plane was devoted to watching film and reviewing that game?

A: I watched the film. I popped an Ambien and sat there and thought about it for 30 minutes and fell asleep. I’ve been thinking about it all morning, a play here, a play there. They played a great game. We have to give them credit, Carolina. Certainly from our perspective it is not something we want to get used to. As good as it feels to win, it feels ten times worse to lose, especially like that.

Q: Can you talk about how the loss of Reggie Bush changes the dynamic in the offense?

A: As you recall, we were without Reggie last year for the last four games of the season. We felt like at that time it was Pierre (Thomas) and (Aaron) Stecker doing a great job. I think that Deuce (McAllister) is running the ball very well right now. Whoever we put back there I have a lot of faith in. Hopefully we won’t skip a beat. Obviously we’ll miss Reggie like we’ll miss any guy who is that productive for us offensively. Early on it was Marques (Colston) missing time and (Jeremy) Shockey. Guys stepped up and did a great job. I felt like we kept rolling.

Q: What are your first impressions of this venue and the way it’s set up?

A: I think this setup is great. Our rooms, the accommodations are great. We’ve only had one meal here, but the food seems fine. Just the way we have the weight room setup and everything else, I think that the thing we need to do the fastest is to get back in a routine, just like we would at home. The sooner we can get back into that routine and get adjusted to the time, it’s just going to be like a normal game.

Q: Do you feel additional responsibility to get people interested in football in Europe?

A: Definitely. That’s why we’re playing a game here, to further our brand of football on an international level. There’s only one of these games each year and it’s us and the San Diego Chargers. Certainly our focus and concentration throughout the week is going to be on winning a football game, but obviously there’s going to be a lot more media and attention in a week like this. We’ll take that in stride and take it as it comes and obviously we want to be good ambassadors for our game and for our league.

Q: Will Reggie Bush’s absence fall on your shoulders in the passing game and in a leadership capacity?

A: Whatever they want to put on my shoulders will be fine.

Q: Does it feel strange that you are in a different country in one day?

A: Yes, anytime you travel internationally I think the days kind of run together, so today’s Sunday or Monday. Obviously it’s Monday, but it doesn’t feel like there was much of a turnover from yesterday. Like I said, we’re still adjusting and we’re still putting that last game behind us as we would normally do as we’re back in New Orleans right now. We’d be in the film room on Monday, watching the film, grading ourselves, working out, running, taking care of our bodies. The following Tuesday would be a big preparation day, getting ready for the next opponent. Obviously today we’ll be putting the Carolina game behind us, looking at our next opponent.

Q: How do you shut out all the distractions and hype of the trip?

A: That’s hard, but there are weeks similar to this level during the season, whether it’s a Monday night game with a lot of media. Monday night games are nationally televised games in the states, but or any other big game where maybe there’s a lot of hoopla surrounding it. This game is unique in that we’re here in London, there’s only one of these games a year. I think one of these games is to come over here, show our brand of football and hope we can gain some fan base around the world. Also for us specifically, New Orleans and the New Orleans Saints, I think it’s an opportunity to show our brand of football and showcase our city. I know that there are a lot of travelers from London, going all over Europe and the states. I think it’s an opportunity for us to show what a great city New Orleans is and it is great if they are planning on coming over and visiting the states.

Q: How much are you looking forward to playing at Wembley?

A: Very much so. We hear about the fans over here from soccer, football. We’re excited about being able to play in front of them and hopefully being able to put on a show for them.

Q: Did you watch the game between the Giants and Dolphins last year?

A: I did. We played that day too obviously, but I did catch bits and pieces of the game.

Q: Do you hope for better conditions?

A: Yes, I think we just understand that it’s just the way it is and that’s the season around here. Whatever the weather is here, we’ll deal with it.

Q: Did you do any research and talk to the guys who played in this game last year?

A: (Jeremy) Shockey. Shockey was with the Giants last year and played in this game. He’s been a source of information for some guys. I think for anybody it’s too get adjusted to the time change as quick as possible and then find a way to get into a routine. Once you do that you’re just very focused on the game and obviously try to eliminate distractions as much as possible. When you’re in a place like this, you’d like to be able to experience it a little bit and enjoy it, but certainly we’re here to win a football game and that’s first and foremost.

Q: Do you like coming over as opposed to last year when the teams arrived later in the week?

A: Yes. I think as far as getting adjusted to the time and everything else, it’s definitely the way to do it.

Q: Do you have any special emotions playing against your old team?

A: I’d be lying if I told you it was just another game. I’m not blowing it out of proportion or trying to put any extra pressure on my team. I still know a lot of those players. I’m friends with a lot of these players. I knew this day would come. I’m just looking forward to the opportunity to play against the old team.