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2008 International Series: Pre-Game Warmup

I'm paying my own way to get to London but I wouldn't be going to the game or making this trip at all if it wasn't for Adam and his record-breaking mission. I've never even met the man but I'm about to enter his world and become a tiny part of his life changing trip.

As sort of the pre-game routine before my flight today I figured we could catch up with Adam and have him give you an update on his journey. I will also let him explain to you guys what we will be doing this weekend. If you want to find out more about his trip, including more funny stories and tons of pictures, be sure to check out his website.


CSC: Where are you right now as we speak?

Adam: I am in Cleveland, Ohio in a hotel with my own fridge! Having a fridge has now become a luxury!!

CSC: What's the car situation? How is it working out? Any troubles?

Adam: Ha, sometimes uphill she squeaks. I have done nearly 10,000 miles so far and she is doing fine. After the London game I come back and get a slightly bigger car, because more people are joining me for some of the games. But so far, so good with the car.

CSC: How much contact have you had with friends and family back home?

Adam: I get emails from parents and girlfriend daily and my best friend who did my site. Other than not so much. People have busy lives at home, with mortgages and kids and so on. I'm pretty sure a bunch of my friends are quite unaware I'm out doing this.

CSC: How's the money situation looking?

Adam: Haha not great!!!! I have had to spend a little more on certain things, such as hotels and phone bills. Gas has been fine as has my food budget. Though it is still looking shaky if I will have enough money. The t-shirts were an expense that was not essential, but fans are loving them!

CSC: Honest answer: Who has the best fans thus far? Who has the rudest?

Adam: The Packers were amazing and wanted to eat all their food and drink all their beer! But maybe they just took me by surprise because I had a Bears wristband on and I was expecting a lot more hostility. The San Diego tailgaters came up to me and bear hugged me at first sight! But then in the stadium fans behind chucked ice at me, trying to hit my sign but the ice hit the woman in front of me so I felt bad and put the sign away. But 99% of the other Charger fans were great. Everyone has been great! I did not have any tailgate time at the Seahawks or Steelers so I would like to return to give them another chance.

CSC: What's the craziest thing you have seen so far?

Adam: Ha I've seen a few crazy things. Other than the amazing NFL themed buses, one of which (Vikings) had an actual working fireplace in their bus. Cleveland last night had a bus that is made to look like a dog, it is insane. I have seen two women making out at the Jets. Every time the Jets scored (Favre threw for 6 tds) they smooched while their husbands watched and simply high-fived!  Seeing Brett Favre throw 9 TDs in back to back games. Being at the MNF Cowboys against Eagles game! A gentleman in San Fran walks around with a battery operated blender handing out margaritas! To name but a few!

CSC: How have people reacted to you and your mission?

Adam: Most people say, "Awesome" and shake my hand or give me a stiff high five. Some are cynical and ask: "Who are you working for? Who are you sponsored by? Why are you doing this?" To the later I answer:
"Why the hell wouldn't I do this!" Real NFL fans have been very, very supportive. I go to each tailgate and I give the tailgate that hosts me a bunch of T-Shirts. Americans seem to love a free T-shirt!

CSC: Tell us about some of the cool things that you have done and gotten to experience simply because you are doing what you are doing.

Adam: I met Michael Irvin on ESPN and that was great. I gave him a t-shirt and he studied my schedule like a kid at Christmas. I met Mike Ditka last week, but that was more because I went to his restaurant when he was on air. The Vikings gave me a media pass for the pre-game against the Vikings, where I met Jared Allen and he signed my shirt! What a nice man he is! The Chargers got me great tickets and took me on a stadium tour! The Browns at the last minute arranged for a ticket for me because my contact sold his to someone else! They also gave me a bunch of Browns merchandise. Tomorrow they are giving me a stadium tour which should be great! Tailgaters have been wanting to cook for me and get me drunk! 

CSC: Have you been following the Saints at all? What do you think so far?

Adam: I watched the game last week on MNF. It was strange not being there as I have been to every MNF so far this season. I was rooting for the Saints, not only because that helps the Bears but because I have always liked the Saints and I have had more feedback from Saints fans than any other team from my trip so I'm starting to sway the way of the Saints. It was a tough loss and a bizarre game, but I put you guys in picks this week and you did well against Oakland.

CSC: Are you excited about my visit? What will we be doing and what can I expect?

Adam: I am excited. I love showing visitors around my town. It can be a daunting place London because of it's size and pace. Let's see, first you will be playing on my flag football team instead of me while I recoup for a day with my family and girlfriend. You will be playing in Kensington Gardens by Hyde Park. My guys play tough flag so expect a few knocks, haha. Saturday evening at the 02 Dome there is a whole New Orleans style music and food festival so you'll be seeing Dr. John at one of the greatest music concert halls in the U.K. It is a very cool place. You'll take the boat past Big Ben too. At the game, people will not be tailgating. They will pre-drink in pubs around the stadium. NFLUK has their own tailgate but you have to win tickets for that and so far I still do not know if we have won or not yet! finger's crossed. You will see every NFL jersey at the stadium and Wembley is a great stadium. It will be interesting to see how many Saints fans there will be there! You can expect to be rushed off your feet! Bring something in case it rains, though at the stadium you are covered by the roof. It is also an NFL crowd so there won't be any soccer style hooligans and riots. At least I hope not!