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2008 International Series: London, Here I Come!!

I'm on my way!

I currently sit at a wireless hotspot in Newark airport as I patiently wait to catch my flight and begin the second and final leg of my journey across the pond. After paying $8 for 24 hours of internet access, I checked in on my favorite Saints blog, Canal Street Chronicles and learned the shocking news of failed steroid tests by Deuce McAllister and Will Smith. As of now I do not  have an opinion on the matter. I think it's only fair to wait to get more information. If true however, serious disappointment is in our future.

Of course I was excited when I woke up this morning and planned out my long day. I thought when I arrived at the airport that it would be bustling with fellow Who Dats excited about making the trip to London also and that my plane ride would be raucus debachery ala Soul Plane. I was surprised to see none of that. Only me in my Colston jersey. It felt like I was the only one making the trip to London and no Saints jerseys, hats or paraphernalia were to be seen. No polite conversation. No curiosity. Nobody cared. Pure disappointment. I can only assume I am just late to the party and everyone has already gotten their butt to London. Perhaps the flight from Newark to Heathrow will be more like my imagination.

I will be posting you updates on my whereabouts, doings and goings on regularly, particularly today since my flight was pushed back 2 hours and I'm stuck in the airport. Sort of like a regular blog where the writer pretends his readers give a crap about every little thing he does. Be sure to check in often and make sure you scroll down so you don't miss anything that may get posted i.e. the Game Predictions post below!! I am not sure what internet access and my schedule will allow me to do but if possible I plan on posting frequently. Also, it may be at odd hours because of the time difference.

Here are a few pics so far!


One bag. That's it!



Did NOT get packed!



New Jersey. Hard to see but the trees in the Northeast are beautiful this time of year. Yes, I am talking about New Jersey.



The gate concourse at Newark. They will put advertising on anything.