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The Deuce Dilemma

As I have said earlier, I refuse to pass any judgement on the allegations against Deuce McAllister at this point. But these are serious charges and with no one saying anything at this point it would be unfair to do so. But as Saints fans, we are now put in an interesting position and I am sure we all have our own beliefs and feelings.

So what do we think? What are your initial feelings? Do you believe any of these reports? If so, do you think Deuce took masking agents mistakenly or with intent? What does this mean for Deuce and his future with the Saints? Will he still be on this team much longer? Sean Payton's use of McAllister on the field already had us speculating that coach might have a problem with him so will this be the straw that breaks the camels back? What effect might this have on Deuce and his career? What about Will Smith? Do you even care about him being involved in any of this? Personally, I'm too focused on enjoying my short weekend in London and refuse to let this get me down at this point.

I think this is a touchy subject and may lead to heated debate so before I open this up I ask everyone to remember we are all on the same team here. If you want to share your opinion, please do so with respect to everyone else here. However, this is the hot topic of the day and I think it's my duty to give this issue it's proper recognition. We've heard from a lot of you guys but what about the rest? Are you angry? Sad? Confused? Let it out brothers and sisters!