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2008 International Series: Day One Part Deux

I caught a cab this morning to Hyde Park to meet up with Adams friends, play some flag football and grab a bite to eat. Tonight I plan on checking out the New Orleans music show in the 02 Dome. For more notes on my day, make the jump.

  • Cars actually stop dead for pedestrians walking across the street. This fact blows my mind.
  • I still haven't slept and I actually feel fine. I will get a good nights sleep tonight.
  • There are cameras everywhere!!! Big brother is watching you wherever you go in this city.
  • Almost every young girl I see here wears tight leggings with boots. If London gets fashion first then expect this look to come to your hometown soon.
  • The hotel is really nothing to write home about but that's what you get when you book the cheapest hotel you can find. The location is pretty good though.
  • Unexpectedly, none of Adams flag football friends are British. I was shocked and slightly disappointed. Half of them were from NY so I felt more like I was playing a football game in the middle of Central Park rather than Hyde Park. In fact, one of the players went to high school with a kid I used to live next door to. Small world. I gathered as much info as I could about London from an American's perspective.
  • Word on the street is that Essex chicks are easy.
  • After three hours of playing I am ridiculously sore.
  • I have yet to actually meet the man, the myth, the legend that is Adam because he was busy all day doing radio interviews.
  • All of Adams friends seem to work in the technology/computer field. They also all seem to be pretty fed up with London after so many years and will probably move back.
  • After playing we all went to a pub/thai restaurant nearby. I got my usual Panang curry extra spicy. Let me tell you that I have a VERY high tolerance for heat and this stuff still made my eyes water. It was absolutely ridiculous.
  • The Brits have been paying close attention to our upcoming election. Obama is the heavy favorite to win here.
  • 1 pound comes as a thick coin. They are a pain in the butt to carry around!
  • I only saw one family of Saints fans today. We exchanged Who Dat pleasantries, slapped five and continued walking in separate directions.
  • All of Adams friends said they haven't really noticed any Saints or Chargers fans in town. Last year, they said, the Giants and Dolphins fans were all over the place. Who Dat Nation needs to step it up.
  • His friends also don't believe that Wembley Stadium will be full capacity and claim that the story about the tickets selling so quickly in Britain is really not accurate because of large scalping companies that buy large blocks of tickets and wind up going unused.
  • Nobody here seems to care too much about the game. I haven't gotten any questions or small talk. Maybe they're just intimidated by the Black and Gold.
  • Good thing I bought that outlet adapter.


Beautiful Hyde Park.


More Beautiful Hyde Park.


Me in Hyde Park. Let it be known that's a Saints hat and a Saints sweatshirt. There is a Saints t-shirt underneath that jersey.


Me and my new buddies in Britain.


The pub/thai restaurant we ate at after football. That's a lot of flowers.