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International Series 2008: Festival New Orleans

After a brief stop at my hotel last night I headed out again all the way to North Greenwich to the 02 Dome to check out the happenings at Festival New Orleans and to finally meet the man who is making all of this happen, Adam. Of course my cell phone doesn't work here so meeting up with someone in a crowded, foreign place is not easy but I made it happen and met up with him, his girlfriend, his mother and family and friends. Everyone was very pleasant.

Make the jump for pictures from the night and just a few notes on my evening.


  • Walking from the tube I met a girl wearing a Reggie Bush jersey. We talked and I learned she was from the Garden District, went to USC (hence the Bush jersey) and was now in London for more school.
  • On the bus ride to the 02 Dome I met a guy going to school in Miami. He asked me what he kept hearing Saints fans yelling to each other. I explained the Who Dat chant.
  • I didn't realize that Festival New Orleans was being put on by Quint Davis, the same gentleman who organizes Jazzfest. 
  • Though the hospitality industry in London leaves a bit to be desired (I am usually answered with one word, non descriptive answers to my various questions. Maybe it's because I'm American) the transportation system is just the opposite. They often have voice messaged explaining reasons for train  or escalator breakdowns. For example, when an escalator in a tube station was broken, they continuously ran a message over the PA system explaining that a mishap with a child on the escalator forced them to use the emergency stop button and that it would be fixed as soon as possible. Or if the train stops unexpectedly for more than 30 seconds, the driver comes on to explain the very short delay. See if you get that in NY.
  • Not only did the lady at the airport sell me the wrong European outlet adapter but I could have just gotten one here at the hotel for a five pound deposit. Actually one of the nice things about this hotel. My room was strangely familiar to me but couldn't put my fingers on it. I realized this morning was my freshman dorm room at Tulane. I'm not kidding.



Entrance to the O2 dome.



Inside the O2 Dome.



More in the Dome.



Check out the French Quarter/Mardi Gras theme.



Dr. John closing out the night.



Saints fans from New Orleans at the Festival New Orleans.



Two guys who like football way too much.