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Chargers @ Saints: The View from Section 234

I was operating on limited time while in London and thus missed a few things I wanted to mention. This post will tie up some loose ends and I also have part deux of my game pictures including ones from the actual game and a few from after the game and my departure.

  • I found out the name of that song they play before kickoffs after a Saints touchdown.
  • The seats in our section were leather. Or at least a nice fake leather.
  • Wembley stadium took a long time to build and ran into a lot of setbacks. I believe Adam's father said it cost 750,000,000 pounds.
  • You would think that they would use Wembley often to maximize profits but apparently it doesn't get used much at all. None of the local soccer teams call it home. 
  • Security was fairly stringent and rigid. They didn't allow anyone to hang around in the stands after the game. You also had to clear the concourse and exit the stadium or stand inside one of the bars. Standing inside the bars had a time limit as well. 
  • You guys are gonna love this. Coach Stilo. They had quite a few advertisements for it in the official program. This is what they use to teach Brits about American football. This about about sums it up. You have got to check it out. Especially with the personal player video's like the one of Shaun O'hara comparing an offensive line to a bunch of bouncers. You owe me for this one.
  • If Brits are big Marino fans, they better get more acquainted with Drew Brees because he is still on track to break the record.
  • Saints are still undefeated under Payton when they don't turn it over.
  • Someone on the plane told me that following one play Payton threw a fit at Aaron Glenn, losing his radio equipment and running his forefinger across his neck as he mumbled, "You're cut." Didn't see it myself just someone else's word but look out for something in that department.
  • People on my flight back home: The Saintsation's cheerleaders, Blaine Kern (owner of Mardi Gras World), Quint Davis (Head of Jazzfest), Mike Karney's fiance, and the Touchdown Club of New Orleans



I lied to you guys. I actually drove to London. Serously though, I talked to the woman working the booth and its not paint. Its a sticker type wrap that anyone can have made. They will just peel it off afterwards.



Adam, please let me take you to the real Mardi Gras! What football trip?



I found it in a Wonka Bar.



The concourse. Check out the glass wall with the panoramic view of London.



The doorway to each section. Keep in mind these were some of the better seats. Not representative of the entire stadium.



On each seat. Cheap giveaways? It really is like the Superdome!



Probably the best perspective.



Quite a few Charger fans in this section.



What's up with the Chargers logo in the endzone?



Don't be fooled. They could have fit more people. That Saints logo is covering rows of seats same as the other side.



The ceiling. Specifically for Stujo4.



One guy under each flag was moving those things around.



Stereophonics performing pre-game.



God save the Queen.



Gotta give him his plug.



Technically, I think there is supposed to be a ? there too.



Opening kickoff. The Chargers lined up bunched together on the line for kickoffs. Unusual.



Blocks of empty seats.



The nachos at Wembley. This one is specifically for new CSC member ProudToSwimHome. Where y'at? That is guacamole. Probably cost about $10 at least.



Behind the endzone.



Calm and order.



Adam is incapable of taking a serious photograph. Doesn't Stephanie look amused? That half a face on the right is Harvey, Adams father. Harvey is a taxi driver in London. Because the streets of London have no rhyme or reason, it takes two years of training to get your taxi license.



The upper levels and the luxury boxes just below them.



Repairing the pitch at halftime.




What is the helmet to chin ratio on him?



I timed this picture well.



Empty Wembley.



They should put "SAINTS" in the seats at the Dome.



Remember when I was talking about the thorough explanations of problems? Here is a great example. From the middle of the street.



Greatest store in the world?



This has nothing to do with anything. I just thought it was plain weird.



That's not me that's John Cleese!



Best picture of the entire weekend. Me and some of the girls.