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Behind Enemy Lines: Minnesota Vikings

In addition to the Q&A FanPost with Gonzo of Daily Norseman this week I have also done a little outsourcing and now bring you a 5 question Q&A with another Vikings blog, Viking Vigil. Viking Vigil blogger, Andrew, and I swapped a few questions. Below are his answers to my questions. Be sure to check out my answers to his questions right here.


CSC: Should we be scared of Adrian Peterson?

VV: Everyone should be scared of Adrian Peterson. The Saints are giving up over 122 yards a game on the ground, but you have faced some solid running backs; Gore, Young, Portis, and Graham. Peterson is much better then all of them, and the Viking offensive line is very solid as well, so your linebackers better be ready to tackle. The Saints can put eight men in the box and Peterson will still average nearly four years a carry. To quote you, "easy question."

CSC: Has Jared Allen taken it easy since he's got the big contract or is he still playing quality football?

VV: He has regressed from last year's totals, but he is now on an extremely solid defensive line. Allen is playing quality football, just not awe-inspiring football.

CSC: Who do you prefer playing quarterback? Jackson or Frerrote?

VV: I prefer Frerotte, but I do not support the way Jackson was benched. Coach Childress opened the playbook for Frerotte, but he only allowed Jackson to throw the ball around ten times a half. A quarterback cannot get into a groove with that few attempts, so his productivity dorpped and he was benched. Frerotte isn't a great quarterback by any stretch, but he gets the job done and can do what is more required of him: hand the ball to Adrian Peterson.

CSC: Name one player on the Vikings that Saints fans don't know about but should.

VV: If you haven't heard of EJ Henderson, it's definitely time to learn. He is one of the best middle linebackers in the league and can prove to be deadly at both stopping the run and pass. He can get to the quarterback as well. Some others that you should know about are running back Chester Taylor, linebackers Ben Leber and Chad Greenway, and Bryant McKinnie.

CSC: What do the Vikings have to do to beat the Saints? Whats your prediction?

VV: To beat the Saints the Vikings need to establish a passing attack. Peterson will have his way on Monday, that is almost accepted everywhere. Most defensive schemes plan around Peterson having a great game, but plan on shutting down the passing game. The Vikings need a passing game to compliment Peterson. If they can establish both forms of attack, they might pull this game off. If not, the Saints are just too good and the Vikings have too bad of coaching for a victory. My prediction is Saints 27 - Vikings 17.