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Vikings @ Saints: Official Injury Report

Because the Saints injury report is so long and I didn't want to take up the entire front page with this post, you will have to make the jump to check this one out. 

When did Chris Reis get hurt?



Player Position Injury Friday Practice Game Status
Marques Colston WR Thumb DNP Out
Sedrick Ellis DT Knee DNP Out
Aaron Glenn CB Ankle DNP Out
David Patten WR Knee DNP Out
Jeremy Shockey TE Hernia DNP Out
Chris Reis S Hamstring DNP Doubtful
Mark Campbell TE Hamstring Full Probable
Terrance Copper WR Hamstring Full Probable
Troy Evans LB Ankle Full Probable
Randall Gay CB Hamstring Full Probable
Jonathan Goodwin WR Hamstring Full Probable
Mike Karney RB Ankle Full Probable
Olaniyi Sobomehin RB Shoulder Full Probable
Aaron Stecker RB Hamstring Full Probable





Player Position Injury Friday Practice Game Status
Madieu Williams
S Neck Hamstring Out
E.J. Henderson
LB Foot DNP Doubtful
Jim Kleinsasser
TE Foot DNP Questionable
Bernard Berrian
WR Knee Limited Questionable
Drew Radovich T Shoulder Limited Questionable
Sidney Rice
WR Knee Limited Questionable
Benny Sapp
CB Hamstring Limited Questionable
Vinny Ciurciu
LB Knee Limited Probable
Ray Edwards
DE Shoulder Limited Probable