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Vikings @ Saints: Scouting Report

Here are some quotes and links from the other side to get you pumped for Monday nights big game and to see what the Vikings are thinking.

Vikings Prepare for Saints

"They are an explosive football team in terms of their offense," Childress said. "Obviously, they rely on guys like Drew Brees and Reggie Bush. I think Sean (Payton) does an excellent job of deploying those guys in different spots."

-Brad Childress   

"They've got guys that can fly on the outside there in Devery Henderson and (Robert) Meachem," Childress explained. "He's (Brees) always looking for those guys; someone's always heading to the post or heading deep. A lot of tools and a lot of different looks, formationally; they are going to move you all over the place."

-Brad Childress

"With all of that said, you go down into the environment of the Superdome, which is obviously a super-charged environment," Childress said. "Monday Night Football...they get geeked up down there. Obviously, we have to be about our business in terms of focus and concentration and execution. [It's an] NFC game, which is big for us, and we need to take care of business."    

-Brad Childress

Vikings-Saints: Great backs are worlds apart    

"When you watch TV and you see, 'Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings versus Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints,' it's already like that," Peterson said. "So that's how everybody is going to look at it anyway. ... It's a big stage and we both need a win. I'm just going to go out there and do what I can do."

-Adrian Peterson   

"The past two weeks I've been feeling good but I haven't been Adrian," he said. "I really feel like me being out there 90 percent, 95 percent, I can go out there and run full speed. As far as opening it up and really shifting to another gear, I haven't been there.

"I've been able to go out and get away from guys still so it hasn't affected my game. But me just being 100 percent, no tweaks, just feeling good, feeling fresh, like I felt when we started the season, it's a good feeling inside."

-Adrian Peterson   

Jared Allen diary: 'We're going to have our chances to make big plays'    

But this (New Orleans) is an offense that thrives on making big plays. We have to keep them in check, then just stay the course. You just got to keep hammering, and, eventually, somebody is going to make a mistake. Games like this, you have to be in condition and outwork your opponent.

You want to bat balls down and rush things. But don't get me wrong. We want sacks. And I want to put this quarterback face-first in the dirt. But you have to play the game within the game.

-Jared Allen

For Minnesota Vikings, softer defenses ahead   

"We're just thinking about one drive at a time, one play at a time," Vikings quarterback Gus Frerotte said. "We can't take anything for granted."

-Gus Frerotte

"You can say what you want about their defense," Frerotte said of the Saints. "But it really comes down to us, just like it did in Tennessee.

"It came down to us, making mistakes, turnovers," he said. "We can't do that kind of thing."

-Gus Frerotte


"They try to pressure you with their d-ends," Berrian said. "After that, it gets weaker and weaker as it goes (back)."

-Bernard Berrian

"There are always chances every game, we've just got to make the plays," Berrian said.

-Bernard Berrian

"I think we all know that they have a good offense, and they're going to put some points on the board," Frerotte said, "so we have to play well offensively, not only to score but to keep them off the field."

-Gus Frerotte

Minnesota Vikings' Bernard Berrian 'optimistic' he'll be able to play Monday    

"I've got the worker's comp, hearing loss papers on my desk inside," Childress joked

-Brad Childress, on the volume in the Dome

"He's a threat wherever he's at," Childress said. "You surely have to know where he's at all times."

-Brad Childress, on Reggie Bush

Foes targeting Minnesota Vikings cornerback Cedric Griffin    

"He's a great quarterback," Griffin said. "He reads defenses very well. He's a short guy in stature, but at the same time he goes out and executes. He's very confident in himself. He has big playmakers, fast guys. All he really does is throw the ball up and let them guys make plays."

-Cedric Griffin


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