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Are You Ready for Some Football!?!?

I'm not.

That's an exaggeration of course but I'm really not into it as much as I think I'm supposed to be. This is a key game on Monday Night Football and I will actually be there in the middle of all the excitment but my emotions remain calm and uninspired. In fact, even trying to write this is like pulling teeth. Maybe I'm frustrated because I watched everyone else play yesterday but still have to wait to see the Saints. Perhaps with the long week focused on this game I'm just tapped out and finally ready to just get this over with. Taking a look around other Saints websites lately it seems I may not be the only one inexlipicably feeling the same way.

With an extra day between games this week and having gone through all of CSC's usual posts of the week, I figured this morning would be a good time to write an inspirational and life affirming post to get everyone super excited for tonight while they are stuck at work all day just staring at the clock and anxiously awaiting quittin' time. All day I thought about what angle to take. I took a trip to the New Orleans Seafood Festival downtown looking to pick up any vibe of excitment from other Who Dat's but not much was to be had. (Drago's chargrilled oysters were to be had however. Oh my god!) I watched the Sunday night game between the Steelers and the Jaguars. Nothing. I even had a few drinks to loosen up. Not a thing. I am completely devoid of any emotion toward's the Saints right now and it's quite peculiar.

So what was I to write about? I could sit here and tell you how important this game is. I could emphasis how crucial stoppiing Adrian Peterson will be tonight and how getting it done through the air will be the Saints best shot at winning the game but that would be beating a dead horse. I considered writing about my fond memories of the first Saints game I ever attended which was also a primetime matchup against the Vikings but this isn't about me and I didn't want to bore you. Maybe calling out Bernard Berrian on his comments and vowing redemption tonight? Too risky.

I did find this...

Did that help at all?

Maybe the fact that I can't come up with anything substantial actually says so much more than words ever could. The truth is I have no idea where my "WhoDatness" is right now. I'm anxious and I'm nervous. I know it will inevitably change at some point today. It usually hits me when I perform some significant act like sliding on my jersey in the morning or ripping the tickets out of the booklet or stepping onto the streetcar to head down to the game. That warm feeling flows over my body and all of a sudden there is nothing more important then Saints football.

What about you guys? How are you feeling this morning? What are you doing today? Where are you watching the game? Are you wearing your black and gold to work?

Consider this the pre-game open thread. Most of you are out there sitting at work. It's gonna be a long day so you might as well pass some time sharing your thoughts here at CSC. I wanna hear from you!

I have also scheduled the open game thread to post at 6pm for those of you who want to chat up to and leading into the game. As this is a MNF game, I am expectinga big turnout and lots of you guys to stop by and say hello. If you've never participated before, tonight is the perfect time to start.