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Packers 29 @ Saints 51: The View from Section 108

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You know something has gone wonderfully right when you get home from the game, kick your feet up, flip on the TV to check out the highlights and the ESPN guys are heaping praise upon Jason David.

I will start off this whole thing by channeling my inner Peter Griffin and say that the view from section 108 was pretty friggin' sweet! Seriously, this game was a really fun one to be in attendance for so I hope it was as much fun to watch on TV for most of you out there. There was a great vibe in the dome and with the Saints taking control of the game early it was 60 minutes of good ol' fashioned football fun. Being back in the Superdome after such a long hiatus reminded me how much better football is when you watch it in person. Even though I was at the London game, it's just not the same as being in the Dome.

Let's not waste any more time and just get into this...bullet style.

  • I met Adam in front of the music stage on the Bud Bridge. He had been running around meeting up with other Saints fans he's been in contact with via the internet since this summer. I have actually never done it, but I would think, comparatively, the Saints tailgating experience might fall short.
  • As expected, there was a fairly good helping of Packer fans. Even better when your team hangs 51 points on them.
  • Adam has a tradition on his trip of buying some wacky paraphernalia pertaining to the home team. He bought a headband in the Dome.
  • As soon as Adam sat down he commented at how incredibly comfortable they were. The most comfortable yet. He's the expert.
  • Deuce was announced as the starter.
  • The impressive play from the Saints secondary tonight started early with a nice pass breakup by Randall Gay on 3rd and 2 on the Packers first drive. This was actually a great effort by everyone in the secondary. Gay made some great plays as did Roman Harper and, of course, Jason David.
  • How about Bobby McCray? He turned in a great performance. I could have sworn he had three sacks but as I check the stats he had none. Still, he is starting to look like a great off-season acquisition.
  • It's good also to see Vilma back at the top of the defensive stats.
  • Sticking with the defensive theme, Sedrick Ellis had himself a pretty good day as well. Probably the highlight of my night was his Pee-Wee Herman celebration dance. Best celebration ever!
  • I think the Lance Moore criticism of his ability to run after the catch can be laid to rest for the time being. An argument could be made that he is currently the best receiver on this team.
  • Aaron Rodgers just looked a little off and a little rusty from the start.
  • There were two Packer fans sitting directly in front of Adam and I. We all wound up talking a good bit throughout the game. One of the Packer fans was wearing a Saints shirt underneath his A.J. Hawk jersey for a safe getaway.
  • Reggie who? Bush? Never heard of him.
  • Jason David huh? Crazy! Talk about a game changer. The crowd erupted following his first pick.
  • However, as great as the Saints defense played, the Packers still put up 29 points. The Packers were going toe to toe with the Saints for the entire first half and put together some pretty lengthy drives that the Saints just couldn't seem to stop. It felt like the Saints defense did an awful job on a plethora of 3rd down opportunities. There is still room for improvement.
  • Deuce punches it in for his franchise record breaking touchdown. I don't think the chants of "Deeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuce" have ever been louder and longer. Ever.
  • Courtney Roby is gonna break one off for a touchdown in the next game. He is so darn close! The Packer fan in front of me agreed.
  • The Packer fan in front of me also, incredibly, exactly predicted immediately before the snap that the Saints would convert the current third down play with a pass to Shockey over the middle. It speaks more to the woes of the Packer defense than it does to the predictability of the Saints offense.
  • Speaking of Shockey, it was good to see him contribute to this offense. On one catch later in the game he carried a defender along with the ball.
  • Packer dude also claimed to have called Ted Thompson multiple times throughout Favre-gate and leaving angry messages on his voicemail.
  • What the hell is up with that fancy, trick play, Lance Moore throw? Has Payton not learned to stop getting cute? Remember the double reverse against Tampa?
  • Anyone still not sold on Pierre? Anyone? Speak now or forever hold your peace.
  • Adam was very interested in the Second Line tradition we have following scores.
  • My gripe of the game: Kaesviharn's 4th down interception in the end zone. Why didn't he just bat that down? Stupid play. Kaesviharn moved down a peg in my book.
  • How bad was Kornheiser?
  • Guess who saw some snaps at the end of the game. Well yes, Mark Brunell. But guess who else. Give up? Robert Meachem!! He does exist.
  • My lovely fiance volunteered to pick me up some Rally's when I arrived home at 11:45pm since I hadn't eaten dinner. She's the best.
  • Also want to thank everyone. Yesterday was the largest number of visits in a single day for CSC. Pat yourselves on the back.

But here is the million dollar question: Is this victory the beginning of something great? Has everything finally clicked? Can we expect more of this? Or is this just more of the usual roller coaster that is being a Saints fan?

I don't know about you but I'm feelin' pretty optimistic right about now. Operation: Run the Table is in full swing.

Pictures will be later this afternoon. Check back!

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the open thread. 17 different people is awesome!! We also had a few newer members start getting in the mix and I would like to welcome them and hope they stick around to become valuable members of this great community.

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