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Saints @ Bears: Pre-Game Open Thread

Since CSC has been so active today (Lot's of FanPosts!! I am lovin' it! Great work everybody, you are finally getting the hang of it!) and there has been so much going on in Who Dat Nation (snow, Deuce's dad, StarCaps, Doug Marrone) I figured I would throw up a pre-game open thread for anyone who is sitting around waiting for the game to get started like myself.

Meet you at the Tostitos!

Inactive Players


Rob Ninkovich 79 DE
Terrence Holt 21 S
Jammal Brown 70 T
Tearrius George 60 DE
David Patten 81 WR
Deuce McAllister 26 RB
Josh Savage 95 DE
Joey Harrington 3 QB


Garrett Wolfe 25 RB
Ervin Baldwin 99 DE
Terrence Metcalfe 60 G
Marty Booker 86 WR
Jason McKie 37 FB
Caleb Hanie (3rd QB) 12 QB
Brandon Rideau 84 WR
Devin Aromashodu 19 WR

NFL Scores, Schedule and Blog Posts - SB Nation