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Saints Mathematically Eliminated from Playoffs

I hate to ruin what is probably an already miserable Monday morning with that title above but it's true. With the win by Atlanta yesterday the Saints now have very little to play for these final two games of the year. In fact, with next years draft in mind, this is the time of year for some teams when losing games may actually be more beneficial to the future of their franchise as a whole.

I'm not saying the Saints should start throwing games. Especially with the winless Lions up next on the schedule but I will phrase it this way: I wouldn't be upset if they did. The difference between 9-7 and 7-9 could mean quite a few spots in the 2009 draft and that in turn could mean the difference between that shut down corner the defense so desparately needs and a bruising safety...that this defense so desperately needs. Okay, so I guess with so many areas that need improvement Mickey and Payton are sure to find someone that can help. Then again, with so few draft picks, maybe the Saints should try to get the most bang for their buck.

What do you think? Would finishing with a winning record make you feel better? Or are you hoping for the Saints to stumble the rest of the way for the sake of next years team?