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Saints 24 @ Bears 27: Breaking it Down - The First Quarter

Reggie makes a run for it. (Reuters Pictures)

1st Quarter

  • Well we know how this one starts don't we. Danieal Manning receives the kickoff, gets some good blocks and is gone all the way to the endzone to start the game with a touchdown. It's gonna be a looooong night. By the way, that was Danieal Manning. Not Devin Hester. 
  • The Saints offense starts off looking very good. In fact, they are finally using their personell in a way that I approve of; Pierre Thomas doing the running. Reggie Bush catching short screens and then running for yardage. Over the middle passes to Colston. Just perfect.
  • 11:38 Remaining - 3rd and 6. Drew doesn't get much time and takes a sack for a loss of 13 yards. Fortunately, the Bears get called for holding and instead of punting it's an automatic first down keeping the drive alive.
  • 11:18 Remaining - Saints fall immediately back to 3rd and 10. Brees throws a pass over the middle to Lance Moore but it lands in the open arms of Mike Brown instead. The pass looked to be thrown too far in front of Moore. 
  • 11:07 Remaining - Matt Forte runs for the first offensive play by the Bears. He is injured after a Will Smith tackle and doesn't return for a while.
  • Saints defense does a good job forcing a Bears 3 and out. Reggie is back to return the punt but slips on the field after making the catch. How many games have the Saints had to deal with poor field conditions this season? 
  • 8:04 Remaining - After two Pierre runs and an incomplete pass to Colston the Saints also go 3 and out. 
  • 7:51 Remaining - Orton goes deep to Devin Hester who makes a double move on Gay and just burns past him with his speed. Orton overthrows. Whew! Okay, the defense better keep their eye on Hester. They certainly don't want him to keep getting behind the Saints defense. That would spell trouble.
  • 6:39 Remaining - Orton completes a 15-yarder to Brandon Lloyd along the left sideline. Jason David was on the coverage. He slips on the field and falls on his hands as he tries to head to the sideline with Lloyd. Probably wouldn't have broken it up anyway. 
  • Saints start moving the ball well again. Reggie making some very nice runs. Pierre takes a screen pass for some yardage. Brees, however, has a pass tipped and nearly picked off by Lance Briggs on an attempt to Colston. Running game=good. Passing game=not so good.
  • 1:19 Remaining - The drive stalls again and the Saints are forced to punt. Nothing impressive so far on offense. That will pretty much do it for the quarter.