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Saints 24 @ Bears 27: Breaking it Down - The Third Quarter

Shockey contributes after the play. (Nam Y. Huh - AP Photo)

3rd Quarter

  • The Saints get the opening kickoff to start the half. The offense starts off looking good. Definitely more balance as Pierre gets quite a few handoffs. Even Colinsworth notes the new found balance to open the second half. 
  • 11:39 Remaining - Third and 5. Shockey catches his one and only pass of the game for a key third down conversion. 
  • 10:26 Remaining - Reggie Bush tries to run it up the right side for no gain. It will be his last carry of the game. Bush gets an earful from Payton on the sideline. It seems fairly obvious he is being told to "just go!"
  • 9:36 Remaining - Third and 10. Pierre Thomas gets a short pass and stretches along the sideline for the first. It looks like he gets it but they rule that it is fourth down. Payton challenges the spot and but it's still not enough for the first. They get the first on the following play with a Brees sneak.
  • 8:37 Remaining - Saints have first and goal. Brees runs a bootleg to the right and makes a throw to Shockey but Adewale Ogunleye is in his face and bats down the ball into his own hands. Interception. Billy Miller initially had the block on Ogunleye but released to head downfield. Payton is seen yelling at Miller on the sideline.
  • 4:37 Remaining - Orton throws a pass over the middle to Rashied Davis but the pass deflects off of his hands and into the hands of - probably quite unexpectedly -  Josh Bullocks. It's a Festivus miracle!
  • 3:53 Remaining - Second and 7. Pierre Thomas gets the handoff on the right side and breaks it loose for 42 yards and the touchdown. Freakin' sweet! Pierre has a huge hole the size of Hollis Thomas to run through. Great blocking from Devery Henderson, Jeremy Shockey, and Mike Karney get it done. 21-14 Bears.
  • 3:31 Remaining - Matt Forte gets the a handoff but Vilma does an awesome job filling the gap and meeting him at the line for a gain of only 2 yards. Saints force a Bears three and out. 
  • 2:02 Remaining - Reggie Bush is back to return the punt. This leads me to believe his lack of playing time in the second half is for disciplinary reasons rather than injury concerns. If his knee was tweaked enough to take him out of the game on offense, why would he be in the game for punt returns?
  • The Saints close out the quarter by beginning to move the ball well downfield.