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Saints 24 @ Bears 27: Breaking it Down - The Fourth Quarter

Roman Harper screws the pooch. (Reuters Pictures)

4th quarter

  • The Saints continue to move the ball well downfield and give themselves three consecutive 2nd and 1's and picking up five first downs on the drive. This is optimal.
  • Eventually the drive breaks down on third down when the Bears bring the heat on the blitz and Brees is forced to lob one to Lance Moore for no gain. Saints settle for a field goal by Hartley. 21-17 Bears. 
  • Another great effort from the Saints defense forces a Bears three and out and they are forced to punt.  Or are they? On 4th down the Bears fake the punt but instead of punting, Brad Maynard throws a pass over the middle to Adrian Peterson but the pass is ruled incomplete. Whew! Lance Moore makes the hit. The catch is challenged but the ruling on the field stands. Peterson probably should have really come down with it. Saints ball.
  • 6:20 Remaining - Third and 1. Karney gets the handoff and has nowhere to go. The offensive line gets no penetration and is pushed backwards.
  • 5:35 Remaining - Fourth and 1. Instead of punting, the Saints go for it. The call is a pitch to Pierre Thomas on the right side. Not a good decision. Thomas has no where to go and gets completely stuffed. It's the same play we saw against the Bucs a few weeks ago that they tried to run with Devery and that also got stuffed in a simlar fashion. Bears ball.
  • 5:25 Remaining - Orton tries a pass over the middle but Fujita steps in front of it and picks it off, giving the Saints renewed hope.
  • 5:17 Remaining - First and 10 on the Bears 31. Brees has Shockey wide open on the right side with plenty of room to run. Shockey straight up drops the ball. My grandmother could have caught it. Shockey might have been able to run for this first touchdown as a Saint had he caught it. Cris Colinsworth sums it up nicely: "Wow!"
  • 4:35 Remaining - Third and 15. After Pierre runs for a loss of 5 yards, Colston makes a clutch catch over the middle for 22 yards. First down.
  • 3:10 Remaining - Third and 7. Brees hits Colston again on a slant over the middle in the front of the end zone for the touchdown. I knew I loved Marques. This drive shows why the Saints are tops in the league on third down. Saints take the lead 27-24!
  • The Bears begin driving down the field in a final attempt to score.
  • 2:00 Remaining - Third and 5. I don't know if many people noticed this play but I am calling your attention to it now. The Bears are on the Saints 45-yard line and need 5 yards for the first down. Devin Hester is lined up on the right. Jason David is giving at least 7 or 8 yards of cushion. Again, the Bears need only 5 yards. Orton drops back and quickly throws to Hester who runs to the first down line and makes the catch on a comeback route. What the hell!?! It's obvious the Saints are more worried about a long strike. 
  • 0:12 Remaining - First and Goal now for the Bears after gaining a lot of ground on the Saints defense. Orton throws for Greg Olsen in the back of the end zone. Jason David is all over Olsen but doesn't get flagged for a somewhat obvious pass interference call. Kharma will come back to haunt us. This is the Saints.
  • 0:07 Remaining - Second and 9. The Bears take a risk and try to run another play for the win instead of kicking the field goal. Orton drops back but begins to scramble up the pocket. Sedrick Ellis catches him from behind and brings him down with 2 seconds remaining. Orton calls a timeout with two seconds remaining. Had the Saints allowed Orton to scramble a little longer and then tackle him, they would have won the game. I don't think Orton would have made it to the end zone. Oh the irony!
  • Gould nails the game tying field goal. The score is tied at 27. Overtime.
  • My TiVo cuts off before overtime but we all know what happens. Jason David and Roman Harper both get burned by Devin Hester. Harper hits Hester's arm in a desparate attempt to stop a big completion and gets called for pass interference. Gould=field goal. Game=over.