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Saints 42 @ Lions 7: As Expected

Can't say I am very surprised by the outcome. Detroit is a very bad team and I am glad the Saints were actually mature enough to beat them handily as they should. No surprises in this one. I will refrain from getting too excited about anything we saw today, taking into consideration the opponent.

Here are the rest of my notes:

  • Skyler Green is back! And he looked pretty good on that opening kickoff. It's too bad he couldn't do that during the pre-season.
  • It looked like both teams were hitting pretty hard out there. They both came out very physical.
  • Meachem got himself into the game and made a nice run on that end around play that Payton loves so much. Meachem looked very fast.
  • Pierre has a quiet day but still had over 100 yards from scrimmage.
  • Usama Young got picked on a few times and had his hands full with Calvin Johnson. He was caught looking in the backfield and got burned for a touchdown. Fortunately, it was called back for an illegal formation penalty. He also looked weak trying to make at least one tackle on Johnson.
  • Jason David's interception came on 4th down at the one yard line. It would have been better if he had just batted it down. Needless 4th down interceptions have been a theme this year and it's something that really pisses me off. They are stupid and selfish.
  • Deuce actually looked good out there today. Nine carries for 61 yards.
  • Roman Harper was called for a very questionable pass interference on 4th down that allowed the Lions to score a touchdown. Take that b.s. call away and the Saints may have a shutout.
  • How about Mike Bell? He looked good filling in at certain spots.
  • Shockey continues to be slightly inconsistent. He dropped yet another incredibly easy pass when he was wide open and in the clear. He is probably thinking too hard.
  • The Saints set the record for most touchdowns in a season when they scored their 50th touchdown today.
  • The Saints scored on every drive of the first half.
  • Here is a great stat: 91% 3rd down efficiency for the Saints offense. They failed to convert only one 3rd down.
  • The defensive line managed only 2 sacks on Detroit. I am not impressed.
  • Hartley never kicked a field goal but he looked great on kickoffs. He kicked off 7 times. 6 of them were into the end zone and 4 of those went for touchbacks. Excellent work.
  • And finally...Drew threw for 351 yards and is now 402 yards away from breaking Marino's record.

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