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Panthers 33 @ Saints 31: The View from Section 108

I'm not upset. Really. I'm not. I wanted them to lose. Better draft position. And why waste a good performance on a meaningless game. I can't even imagine how pissed I would be if the Saints lost this game the way they did and it actually meant something. We have to give the Saints credit because they did a great job getting back into the game. They are definitely getting better at the 4th quarter comeback thing. They just need to tweak it a bit more. The only disappointing part of this game was Drew coming up short of the record even when it was practically handed to him. But the rest of it and this season is all just water under the bridge.

Let's do this bullet style. I should have some pictures up later tonight hopefully.

  • I went to the game with a friend of mine from NY (you know him as NYSaint) and his girlfriend. We all took the streetcar downtown. Chef Who Dat and his crazy cohorts were standing at Lee Circle, cheering and shouting at passersby and streetcar passengers.
  • Deuce was the last starter announced.
  • Theresa Anderson sang the National Anthem.
  • Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was in for the coin toss as an honorary team captain.
  • There seemed to be more Pierre Thomas jerseys than I have ever seen before.
  • The tackling was weak! How many guys does it take to bring down Jonathan Stewart anyway?
  • If this was early in the season I would probably be very angry with Skyler Green but I didn't care about this game and I am not sure he will be on this team next season. He looked pretty good on his first return but you just can't give the ball up like that. Everyone got a laugh on the ensuing kickoff when Mike Bell motioned at Skyler to stay and kneel in the end zone.
  • The Dome was pretty quiet and tame most of the game. Only until the very end when the Saints made it a game did the crowd finally get into it.
  • It also took the defense three and a half quarters to wake up and not look like pure crap. No wonder the crowd never got into it. The secondary looked bad and the line got no pressure most of the game.
  • I will give props to Jason David who made that nice hit on 3rd down to jar the ball loose and force the Panthers to punt.
  • Glad to see Meachem getting some playing time and making the most of it. We all said it last year and I will say it again year will be the year he breaks out.
  • The crowd was upset about quite a few pass interference calls. Or lack thereof. A couple of them looked to be just good defensive plays.
  • The text message poll given during the game revealed that 79% attending fans prefer the Saints home black jerseys over the away white. Didn't they used to wear white at home? When did that change?
  • It looked like they brought in Zach Strief quite a bit to help on either side of the line. The Saints line gave up two sacks but that was enough to break the single season franchise record by two. Congrats to those guys this season.
  • Vilma had yet another great day and finds himself at the top of the tackles list. He may not get signed before free agency but how could the Saints not sign him the second he hits the market?
  • Colston had a great day and he could have had another touchdown had he caught that ball in the endzone that hit him right in the hands.
  • Also, I could have sworn that the bottom of Drews shoes were gold plated or something very shiny. Can anyone confirm this?
  • Aren't you glad Lance Moore is on our team? I am.
  • Atlanta beat St. Louis today but because the Saints couldn't take care of business Carolina has officially won the division, thus ending the long and incredible streak of teams going from worst to first in the NFC South. This doesn't bode well for the Saints next year.
  • As most of the team ran off the field after the game, many fans stayed and chanted "Deeeeeeeuuuuuuuuccce" as he ran off. Have we seen the last of him?
  • And then, of course, there is Drew. Breaking the record was the only thing I cared about seeing today and it just wasn't meant to be. We could probably go back and find a couple of dropped passes that would have added up to at least the 16 yards he needed to break Dan Marino's record. I am thinking of an easy one specifically by Deuce early in the game. And how serendipitous was that last play the Saints got to run with one second left? Couldn't anyone have caught that final pass? There's always next year...

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