And the winners are: Stujo and ASaint

I'm sure Saintsational was probably going to send out congratulations soon to the winners of our Chronic Fleaflicker Fantasy league and our Chronic Weekly Pick em Pool, but I thought I'd go ahead and give a shout-out to the winners.

Fleaflicker 1st place champ: Stujo and his team "Number 9.....Number 9"

Pick em Pool 1st place champ: ASaint

Stujo went 11-3 during the regular season (one of those losses was to my team by a very slim margin, ha ha) and had some extra good luck during the playoffs as he won the final playoff game against DeuceIsLoose, who also amassed a pretty formidable team this season (he defeated my team last week in the semi-final...DOH!). ASaint finished the season with a 166-90 record and 185 points, just narrowly besting tlsk1066 by 1 point for the year. Congratulations guys! It was a lot of fun and I can't wait until next year, when I will have my.......revennnnnnge! Bwah ha ha ha haaaaa

Props need to also go out to nymom (who I think is Saintsational's mom) in the Pick em pool. She finished just ahead of myself and Frenchfreak at the 5th place spot with 179 total points. She had been trailing in the middle of the pack until the week before last when she finished with a league best 11-5 record with her picks and a whopping 21 points. I finished 2nd that week with a mere 14 points, just to give an indication of how much she blew the rest of us 35 players away. That was enough to propel her into the top ten and then the top five this past week. Good job nymom! Now I see where Saintsational gets his football smarts. I wonder how embarassed all the other guys now feel since she did better than most of us with her weekly picks. Thanks to my therapist, I've only now recovered to the point to where I can actually talk about it. :-)

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