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Week 14: Know Who You're Rooting For

Since the Saints are still mathematically in the playoff race - barely - it's never been more important to pull for certain teams to win.  So let's see who is playing this week and what the Saints need to happen for them to actually make the playoffs...assuming they can put four wins together. 



Jacksonville @ Chicago

Chicago is at 6-6 and still a contender for a wildcard. A loss to the AFC's Jaguars would be quite nice.

Root for: Jacksonville



Minnesota @ Detroit

Here's hoping Detroit finally gets that elusive first win against the division leading Minnesota Vikings, who are in the playoff race for sure. Otherwise, it might have to be against the Saints. 

Root for: Detroit



Cincinatti @ Indianapolis

This matchup doesn't matter so go ahead and root for Archie's boy.

Root for: Colts



Philadelpha @ NY Giants

The Giants are the sure division winner and Philadelphia is in the mix for a wildcard spot so we definitely want to see the Giants continue to roll.

Root for: NY Giants



Cleveland @  Tennessee

Two AFC teams. Who cares?

Root for: Doesn't matter



Houston @ Green Bay

Green Bay has started to slip a bit since they got their @ss handed to them! Still, route for the Texans to be the salt in Green Bay's open wound. 

Root for: Houston



Miami @ Buffalo

Absolutely no meaning here for the Saints. 

Root for: Either One



New England @ Seattle

Not that Seattle has any chance of making the playoffs but as a matter of principle we should root for the AFC Patriots to defeat the NFC Seahawks. 

Root for: New England




NY Jets @ San Francisco

See above.

Root for: Jets




Kansas City @ Denver

More AFC action, meaning more indifference.

Root for: Who cares



St. Louis @ Arizona

Even though these are two NFC teams, they are both in the same division and one is the inevitable leader and one is the inevitable loser. This game doesn't really effect the Saints.

Root for: Whatever



Dallas @ Pittsburgh

Dallas is definitely in the wildcard race so why the heck wouldn't we want them to lose to an AFC team?

Root for: Pittsburgh



Washington @ Baltimore

See above.

Root for: Baltimore





Tampa Bay @ Carolina

This is the big one. I think at this point we want the Bucs to run away with it. If the Saints can manage to run th table and get a few helpful wins from teams like the Giants, then the Saints still have a chance.

Root for: Tampa Bay