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Getting to Know: Jonathan Goodwin

Goodwin celebrates good win (

This is funny. Right after I comment on the status of our situation at the center position in my last post, the Times-Pic came out with this article on Jonathan Goodwin. I don't really have much to say, I think it just backs up everything I briefly mentioned in my last post. Pretty weird. Anyway, this is good news. Goodwin sounds hungry.

The way Goodwin performed as a starter last season -- in Saints' victories over San Francisco and Jacksonville, the latter against the Jaguars' formidable interior defensive tandem of John Henderson and Marcus Stroud -- gave New Orleans' coaching and front-office staff some reassurances that if Faine left via free agency, Goodwin could fill the gap.

And while Goodwin, who also can play guard, was a starter with the Jets toward the end of his tenure there, the two seasons he spent as Faine's backup was soothed by his relationship with his brethren along the Saints' offensive front.

"It was difficult (being a backup)," Goodwin said. "But the O-line down here is pretty tight. Those guys helped me get through it, and we're all pretty close friends. But it was tough watching those guys go out there and battle. I knew if I kept working, one day I'd get the chance."

Goodwin said, he's glad that opportunity is coming in New Orleans, even if there'll still be some competition with Lehr for a starting role.

Couldn't help myself on the caption. It was either that or a joke on Payton doing an Irish jig while constipated.