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Saint's Schedule Announced

The NFL just released the Saints official 2008 schedule. From

Week 1: 9/7/08 Tampa Bay @ New Orleans 12pm
Week 2: 9/14/08 New Orleans @ Washington 12pm
Week 3: 9/21/08 New Orleans @ Denver 3:15pm
Week 4: 9/28/08 San Francisco @ New Orleans 12pm
Week 5: 10/6/08 Minnesota @ New Orleans (Monday Night)7:30pm
Week 6: 10/12/08 Oakland Raiders @ New Orleans 12pm
Week 7: 10/19/08 New Orleans @ Carolina 12pm
Week 8: 10/26/08 San Diego @ New Orleans (London)12pm
Week 9: Bye
Week 10: 11/9/08 New Orleans @ Atlanta 12pm
Week 11: 11/16/08 New Orleans @ KC 12pm
Week 12: 11/24/08 Green Bay @ New Orleans (Monday Night) 7:30pm
Week 13: 11/30/08 New Orleans @ Tampa Bay 12pm
Week 14: 12/7/08 Atlanta @ New Orleans 12pm
Week 15: 12/11/08 New Orleans @ Chicago (Thursday Night)7:15pm
Week 16: 12/21/08 New Orleans @ Detroit 12pm
Week 17: 12/28/08 Carolina @ New Orleans 12pm

From the Times-Pic:

The NFL announced the 2008 regular-season schedule, which includes three nationally televised prime-time games for the Saints. They will host Minnesota on Monday night, Oct. 6 and host Green Bay on Monday night, Nov. 24. They will also play at Chicago on Thursday night, Dec. 11.

The Saints will open the season at home against division rival Tampa Bay on Sunday, Sept. 7, and they will finish the season at home against division rival Carolina on Sunday, Dec. 28.

But they will spend more than a month away from home in the middle of the season. They're at Carolina on Sunday, Oct. 19, followed immediately by their week-long trip to London for a "home game" against the San Diego Chargers. After that, they'll have a bye week to recover from the jet lag, followed by a trip to Atlanta in Week 10 and a trip to Kansas City in Week 11.

Keep in mind, some of these times are subject to change based on the whims of TV networks later in the year. Beginning in Week 11, any one of the Saints' Sunday afternoon games could be selected for the prime time Sunday night slot.