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Tuesday Reading

A few articles for you guys this morning...

The first one from the Times-Pic is slightly upsetting, but not something I really think we need to get worried about.

It seems the state doesn't have the $6.4 million to pay the Saints or the Hornets this year. That would give the teams the ability to opt out of their contract and leave the city.  

Reasons for the shortfall include lower-than-projected revenue from the New Orleans area hotel tax and the state's inability to sell naming rights to the dome — two sources of income that were meant to help fulfill the state's obligations to the teams.

The state could just pull the money out of its general fund, but don't think that would be very popular among citizens regardless of the fact there is a money surplus.

I wouldn't be worried. The Saints aren't going anywhere. Some agreement always winds up being worked out.

Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration is in negotiations with the Saints about a new contract that could keep the Saints until 2025 and beyond...[Ron]Forman said a committee of legislative leaders, representatives of the governor's office and other officials are working on a way to generate more money for the teams each year without having to dip directly into the state treasury. He said both the Hornets and the Saints want to negotiate new, long-term contracts that keep them in New Orleans.

The Times-Pic released its updated version of their mock draft. They still have the Saints taking LB Keith Rivers (which I like. I hope he's available). They explain some of their changes...

We've made a few tweaks to our mock draft, starting at the top, where offensive tackle Jake Long has supplanted defensive end Chris Long. We're a little suspicious of these leaked reports that the Dolphins have started negotiating with Jake Long and end/linebacker Vernon Gholston. Since when does Bill Parcells let things slip out that he wants to keep secret? Still, Jake Long seems like the surest bet to be drafted No. 1 or 2 overall, and Chris Long has more potential to slip out of the top five. We also moved up Gholston two spots. Gholston doesn't really seem to fit the Chiefs' most glaring needs, but he's that proverbial "best player available." Someone's going to grab him before he falls out of the top five.

An article all the way from the Washington Daily News tells us Terrance Copper is starting his first football camp for kids age 7-18 in his hometown of Washington, NC. Love to see the players getting involved and giving back to their communities, in New Orleans or elsewhere.

Terrance tells us his feelings about next season...

"Our whole mentality is Super Bowl," said Copper, who has 24 kickoff returns for 467 yards (19.5 average) and 37 special teams tackles in his career. "If we don’t win the Super Bowl, our season is a failure. We believe we have the talent to do it and we have the coaching staff to do it."

Love the positive attitude!

Lastly, keep your ears open this afternoon. The Saint's will release their 2008 regular season schedule!! The Times-Pic is posting it as soon as it is released.