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Still More Shockey Talk

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Our friends over at New Era Scouting wrote this article yesterday. The rumors refuse to die as we get closer and closer toward the draft.

The article covers Shockey's career with the Giants and discusses all the drama that has constantly surrounded him since he first entered the league.

Here is where it gets interesting for us as Saint's fans...

It’s no shock now that the rumors are flowing of a possible Shockey trade. There are strong indications a draft day deal involving the New Orleans second round pick and third-year safety Roman Harper for Shockey will go through, although both teams are denying it at the moment. Shockey has even been rumored to say that he’s looking forward to being on the Saints, and has started to put interest on real estate in the region.

On paper, like most of Shockey’s career, this move makes sense. Sean Payton’s offense would greatly benefit from the presence of a reliable receiving option at tight end. Shockey would draw down a safety for coverage, which would not allow teams to double cover Marcus Colston over the top, or to bracket him. Throughout his career, Shockey has also done a good job of moving the chains in the past, and is a flawless route runner. The Saints red-zone packages would also benefit from the presence of Shockey who would increase their options down in enemy territory, and limit their predictability. Also, quarterback Drew Brees has a high comfort level in his tight ends, and loves to distribute the ball to them. Not since his time in San Diego with Antonio Gates has Brees had such a capable tight end.

One piece of the puzzle that remains to be seen is how the Saints leader on the field, Brees, and Shockey would co-exist. Brees is a no-nonsense kind of player who would not take kindly being told how to do his job, a task that Shockey frequently undertook while working with Manning in New York. Shockey’s demands for the ball would not get far with Brees, who distributes the ball very well in Payton’s West Coast offense. Brees’ quick reaction skills allow him to get the ball to the best target for that play, no matter the player. Shockey often feels he’s open, or can get open on any play. Those two attributes would mix like oil and water.

I agree whole heartedly with everything here. I would love to see a player of Shockey's caliber in our offense. I think having a talented TE like him would be a great weapon and would make our already potent passing attack even better.

I just don't want it to actually be Shockey. I don't like his attitude, and I am really surprised that Coach Payton apparently doesn't feel the same. Maybe Payton is so hell bent on winning a championship, he is willing to do what a lot of other teams do: put up with loud mouth, trouble causing, locker room dividing players. Maybe he knows something we don't. Maybe he thinks he can change his attitude.

And what about Drew Brees? I hope he doesn't want a player on his team who has a reputation to belittle and disrespect QB's as he did with Eli Manning. I would hope no one does. So it really surprises me to keep hearing all the reports and rumors about the Saints' continued desire to acquire Shockey. It especially surprises me that we are willing to give up Roman Harper. I actually like Harper and I think he hasn't reached his potential yet. Out of all of our DB's he is not on the top of the list of expendable players. Don't the Giant's want Jason David? Please? Okay, we'll give you David for free.

Anyone have anything else to say about this?