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Mike Triplett Gives Us More Answers

Mike Triplett did his usual Q&A with Saint's fans on today. Here are some of the highlights.

On Jeremy Shockey...

This has been the most popular topic three weeks running in these chats. ... I don’t know if I’d say the Shockey rumor is gaining momentum, but it’s certainly not going away. Giants GM Jerry Reese addressed the Shockey trade rumors with the New York media last week, when, as is annual tradition, the volatile tight end wasn’t around for the start of the offseason conditioning program. Reese insisted that the team plans to keep the volatile tight end. But you can never take those statements at face value.

I know the Saints inquired about Shockey’s availability early in the offseason, probably to find out if the Giants were looking to unload him at a discounted price. And I think it’s clear the Giants aren’t offering a discount.

I think it will cost at least a second-round draft choice, maybe more. And I don’t think we’ll find out until draft day. If the Giants like a player who’s on the board at No. 40, they might be willing to deal. If the Saints like a player who’s on the board, they might not.

On trading up for a DT in the draft...

I think that’s a definite possibility – IF the Saints covet Sedrick Ellis as much as the Saints’ fans seem to. That’s the one thing we never know about the Saints around draft time, is how they have these players ranked. Maybe they like linebacker Keith Rivers or cornerback Leodis McKelvin better than Ellis. ... But if Ellis has the top grade on their board, I think they’ve proved in the past that they’re not afraid to be very aggressive on draft day, whether that means trading up or down.

By the way, I think Glenn Dorsey would be a dream come true in the Saints defense, but I just can’t see him slipping past the top five under any circumstances.

On Deuce McAllister...

Well, I’m definitely pulling for Deuce. And I think the Saints are, too. ... He means a lot to the organization, the community and most importantly, the offense. They just need Deuce to be able to give them about 15 carries a game, splitting time with Reggie Bush and being spelled by worthy backups Aaron Stecker and Pierre Thomas. I think that’s very possible.

Deuce has been through this rehab process before, and he came back very strong. ACLs aren’t nearly as threatening as they were in the past. That microfracture surgey on his right league is a little more concerning, but he should have plenty of time to recover – depending on those dreaded training-camp setbacks.

I have a feeling we’ll be writing about 50 stories on Deuce in July and August. He’s one of the all-time favorites here.

On a deal for Lito Sheppard...

I think Sheppard would be a great fit here. But I don't know what the Eagles' price will be. If the Saints could get him by swapping first-round picks (No. 10 for No. 19), I think they'd have to seriously consider it.

Like I said before, the Saints have always been aggressive on draft day. Their trades for veterans Jeff Faine and Hollis Thomas in 2006 worked out brilliantly. And they are clearly intent on upgrading their defense this year. ... I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a deal like that go down.

On Reggie Bush...

First of all, Patrick, no way. The Saints already invested about $26 million in signing bonuses on him, so they'll sink or swim with him. They don't get that money back if they trade him. ... Secondly, if he is somehow so bad that the Saints feel they need to dump him, then that probably means he won't fetch a high price in the trade market.

But most importantly, I expect a big season from Bush. He's had trouble adjusting to the pro game, and he's been dinged up in both of his seasons. But he still stands out as a fantastic, unique talent. He was sensational over the final three months of his rookie season, and I expect more of that going forward.

On Jason David...

I'll say the same thing about David that I said about Bush earlier ... If the Saints don't want him, why would other teams want to trade for him?

I definitely think David is on the hot seat this year. The Saints already proved they're willing to eat a bad investment when they cut linebacker Brian Simmons after just one year. ... And they're isn't enough room on the roster for CBs Mike McKenzie, Randall Gay, Jason David, Jason Craft, Usama Young and another possible high draft pick.

That all being said, I think David WILL show a lot of improvement in his second year in the Saints' system. He is a talented young corner who just needs time to adjust, almost like a second-year player in the pros. He could very well win a starting job, especially if McKenzie is slow to recover from his knee injury.

That's pretty much it. The whole Q&A can be found here.