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Saint's Look to Move Up to #2

Adam Schefter at NFL Network reports that the Saint's have spoken with the Rams and inquired about making a trade to move to the second overall pick. Schefter explains...

The Saints have made inquiries with the Rams about what it would take to go from New Orleans' scheduled 10th overall pick all the way up to St. Louis' at No. 2.

Based on the antiquated NFL draft point chart, the Rams pick at No. 2 is worth 2,600 points. The Saints pick at No. 10 is worth 1,300, and their second round pick is worth another 490, meaning New Orleans is going to have to come up with more than its two first-day picks.

New Orleans is looking at add a stud defensive player, and it could opt for LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey, a pick that would be enormously popular in that area, or even Ohio State linebacker Vernon Gholston, who would be a terror on the turf in the Superdome.

People who have spoken with the Saints insist the talks are not substantiative, more informal, but the fact that one team has pursued moving up is noteworthy. This year, no team has been willing to move up to Miami's spot at No. 1, even New Orleans. The Saints are unwilling to pay what it would take to satisify the Dolphins or the player picked at No. 1.

How serious the Saint's are remains to be seen, but the basic facts seem to be true. The Saint's have at least contacted the Rams and are thinking about the possibility. I am pleasantly surprised at how aggressive we have been this off-season and continue to be.

And then of course the big question, "Who are the Saint's going for?" Dorsey? Gholston?

I think everyone is salivating right now at the possibility of getting Glen Dorsey. I know that would be an LSU fan's dream scenario.

Rotoworld also has a quick blurb about it.

Here is the Value Chart.