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The Shockey Drama Continues

Nuff said. (

With the Shockey trade rumors getting hotter with each passing day, another article was released today with regards to Jeremy Shockey. This one came from the Newark Star Ledger. In short, it says Shockey wants either a changed role in the Giants offense, or demands a trade. Otherwise, the Giant's can plan on him sitting out.

Shockey feels that his role is diminished as a receiver in the current Giants system, and that he has been forced to do too much blocking. He also feels that this blocking is a direct cause of his injuries the past few years.

Shockey told the Giants in December he wanted a changed role in the offense or a trade to another team, according to a person familiar with discussions between Shockey, the Giants' coaching staff and front office...Shockey, 27, who suffered a broken fibula in a Dec. 16 loss to the Redskins, feels his career is being cut short by all the blocking he has been asked to do since Tom Coughlin became coach of the Giants in 2004. While blocking is an integral part of a tight end's job description, Shockey believes he was more effective as a receiver under former coach Jim Fassel and offensive coordinator Sean Payton, now the coach of the New Orleans Saints, who are interested in trading for Shockey.

Here is what Shockey's agent, Drew Rosenhaus (It's always his players!) said on NFL Live last night...

"We've had discussions with the Giants about Jeremy. I'll leave it at that. And you hear what Jerry Reese had to say. It's going to be up to the Giants to decide whether or not they want to trade Jeremy."

But today's article say's this..

The Giants don't look like they're preparing for a Shockey trade. Someone familiar with their draft plans said tight end isn't one of the positions they're targeting next weekend. The team hasn't brought in any tight ends projected to go early in the draft and haven't made a play for any free agents at the position.

With the way things have escalated so far, it seems the Giant's probably will trade Shockey. It would seem ridiculous to me to change their offense to suit crybaby's Shockey's desires and I don't think this is the option Shockey really wants. I think its pretty obvious he really wants a trade. If the Giant's do neither, Shockey will continue to sulk like a kid who just got sent to time-out (see picture) and they will wind up with a huge headache on their hands, which is obviously what Shockey is going for here. He is trying to paint the team in a corner so they have no choice but to give him what he wants.

I have no idea what will wind up happening, but I can say that I hope to god it happens soon. My head has been spinning the last month or so from this whole situation. I have no idea who is telling the truth and what is just totally exagerated. I don't think many people do. Keep in mind the sources for this article were anonymous. Frankly, and I think I speak for most Saints fans on this one, I can't wait until this is all over and we know what is happening, so I know whether I can continue hating Shockey, or whether I will have to try and give him the benefit of the doubt because he is going to score 15 TD's for the Saint's this season. We don't even know he will be traded to the Saint's. He just wants out of NY and the Saint's are the only team to have shown interest thus far.

But can you believe this guy!? What a primadonna. Tell me, do you think you would ever find a guy like Deuce McAllister in a situation like this? Oh geez, I'm sorry you have to block Jeremy. It's only part of your job. If you only want to catch, why don't you just become a full blown wideout. Way to be a team player! This is who we want on our team? We are trying to win a championship here and we don't need divisive players on our team. After all, it did take the Giants losing Shockey to win the Superbowl. I'm sorry, but I can't stand this "all about me" attitude. This guy is a whiny selfish baby. I just broke a key on my keyboard while typing this so angrily.

My fellow blogger over at SB Nation's NY Giant's Big Blue View share's the same sentiment...

If the report is correct then all I have to say about the mouthy tight end is this -- Good Riddance! The Giants are defending Super Bowl champions, which they accomplished without Shockey. The last thing they need is him starting up his whining about not getting the ball enough.

How do you guys feel about this situation?

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