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Sunday Reading

Okay sports fans. Some reading for you on this lazy sunday.

First up, a Times-Pic article discussing the whole Shockey situation as well as some other possible draft days moves with the Eagles for Lito Sheppard or with the Rams for a DT. Nothing really new here so I will just leave it at that.


The next article is from The Baton Rouge Advocate. It talks about our "other" first round pick this year Robert Meachem. This one is a heart-warmer, telling us about Meachem's never quit attitude and his growing relationship with veteran receiver David Patten.

Meachem, who said he’s "full speed" and "not looking back", sought guidance from veteran David Patten, who sort of took over the role Meachem abdicated. Patten, like Meachem, who had another knee surgery while in college, has had to come back from two knee operations.

"I wanted to know what he did," Meachem said of Patten. "When you watch him, he looks quick as a cat at times. I’m sitting there thinking he had to do something I’m not doing to get his leg back stronger. I asked him what could I do and we’ve been working out ever since.

"He’s been in it 12 years. This will be my second year. What’s better than to work with a guy like that that’s going to push you? If I do good, he looks good, right?"

Patten said he was impressed that Meachem sought his help.

"From a humility standpoint, that takes a lot for a kid of that stature," Patten said. "When you’re a first-round draft pick, a lot of times in this day and time, let’s be real, they come out cocky, I’m the man, I know it all, I’ve already got it down pat.

"For him to humble himself and come to a guy and be like, ‘Hey, I need you to help me, help me make it to the next level, help me do what’s expected of me.’ That’s the foundation, that’s where it starts. Before you can learn anything and get better, you have to humble yourself and be willing to learn."

Here is what Brees said...

"But I can say one thing about the guy, he never missed a practice. He might have been limping around, but he never missed a practice. I think there’s a toughness there — a physical toughness and a mental toughness, the fact that he’s sought out David Patten and the fact that he’s been here every day working and continuing to get better."

Saint's fans haven't had much of a chance to really get to know Meachem but I can tell you that from what I have been hearing this off-season, I like the kid and I am expecting hoping for big things from him this year.


Another article from The Advocate covers a look back at last years draft and this years draft hopes. Not much here. This is pretty much the most important part...

Here are five areas they’re likely to target at some point in the draft:

LINEBACKER: While they tried to become more athletic in the middle by trading for Vilma and shored up the weak side with Morgan, they could use a youngster to pair with Scott Fujita on the outside.

CORNERBACK: The Saints signed Gay and veteran Aaron Glenn to fill some holes, but Jason David struggled last season with the deep ball and Mike McKenzie is coming off a torn anterior cruciate ligament late in the season.

DEFENSIVE TACKLE: Starters Brian Young and Hollis Thomas are 31 and 33, respectively, and backups Kendrick Clancy and Antwan Lake are bearing down on 30 as well. So it would make sense to begin looking for a young run-stopper.

RUNNING BACK: Workhorse Deuce McAllister is coming off surgery on both knees, so that’s a major concern. Bush was banged up trying to fill McAllister’s large shoes, so a big bruising back to eventually replace McAllister, who turns 30 at the end of the season, is also a possibility.

TIGHT END: The Saints have reportedly shown interest in trading for New York Giants’ Pro Bowler Jeremy Shockey, which would indicate a desire to upgrade this area of the team.


This article, also from The Advocate, details all of the top offensive draft prospects.


Keep your eyes open because I will be making an  exciting announcement about CSC in the near future!