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Canal Street Chronicles 2.0

It is with great pleasure that I announce Canal Street Chronicles will be updating and going to a new format. This will take place on Friday April 25th, just in time for the draft.

This is a very exciting time as this new format will be so much cooler. I urge you to check out one of the baseball blogs, like Athletics Nation, Bleed Cubbie Blue or Amazin' Avenue. Check out all the stuff on the other blogs and see what they do. Every community has its own feel but they offer a good idea of how this whole thing is suppose to work. Get an idea of all the possibilities. Check out the open threads and see how they work.

Here's a list of why this new site is gonna be great:

  • Cleaner and sleeker look.
  • Very easy to manage and navigate
  • Can be easily added to your feeds.
  • Members get to create avatars for themselves.
  • Interactive Rotoworld Saints news feed
  • Completely linkable schedule leading to opposing team info
  • Completely linkable roster leading to stats and info
  • Injury report
  • Diaries are now called Fanposts (Yeah!) just like message board threads and we have added Fanshots, which allows you to quickly put up pics, videos, links, stories, whatever.
  • Your CSC account will be good for all SB Nation blogs.
  • And of course incredibly insightful and witty writing from myself.

All of this will be right there on one page, making it the ultimate site for Saints fans. Its all your favorite Saints sites rolled into one. Message board, news, roster, schedule, opponent info, pictures and Open Game threads. It really is cool.

The best part is that I am setting up the new site as we speak. However, I am always accepting ideas to make the site better and to offer you guys what you want. This is your chance to put your fingerprint on this community. Wanna see a certain section created? Let me know, I can add it. Want me to start a certain tradition? Let's hear it. Want a picture of Drew Brees in the sidebar at all times? I can make that happen. Again, take a look at other SB Nation blogs for ideas.

If you are already signed up, you will just have to claim your old account when you sign in on the new site. If you're not, I suggest doing so. If you guys encounter any problems with the new site, feel free to email me and we can try to get it taken care of.

Glad to have everyone involved. Please comment or email me with any ideas, questions, hopes, dreams, complaints, whatever!