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Pacman Traded and Draft News from a Golf Columnist

The latest and biggest news of the day is the trade of Adam "Pacman" Jones from the Titans to Dallas. Thats right, everyone's favorite lovable CB has a new home. This info is hot off the presses, so the article doesn't have too many details. Basically...

The Titans have agreed to trade Jones to the Cowboys for a conditional fourth-round pick, which could go back to the Cowboys if Jones does not play this season, NFL Network's Adam Schefter is reporting.

The Titans confirmed the deal, but added that terms had to be finalized. Jones must also pass a physical before the trade can be completed.


The Times-Pic did yet another Q&A session about the upcoming draft. It can be found right here. Haven't these guys already answered every possible question there is to ask. How many different ways can you ask about whether Jeremy Shockey will be traded to the Saints. Anyway, here are a few of the highlights.

On, of course, Jeremy Shockey...

The Seattle Seahawks, Trinity, are now said to be in the Jeremy Shockey hunt. But make no mistake: Shockey is coveted by the Saints. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, recently told a New York TV station in a video interview that his client was unhappy in New York, something that has been rumored but unsubstantiated by Rosenhaus. Shockey apparently wants out of New York and he’d like nothing better than to be reunited with Sean Payton, under whom Shockey had one of his better seasons when both were in New York. The Saints, therefore, will continue their pursuit of Shockey. Don’t be surprised if the trade goes down sometime on Saturday.

On trading up in the draft...

Hey Troy, I’m a little skeptical since Saints GM Mickey Loomis came out and told us that the Saints have been talking about trading up. Usually he plays it very close to the vest. ... But I do think it makes sense for the Saints to move up to get the best defensive player available.

My guess is that they can’t get all the way up to No. 2 to get Glenn Dorsey, but they move up three or four spots to get USC defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis. ... If they stay at No. 10, I expect them to grab either CB Ledois McKelvin or LB Keith Rivers.

By the way, if you want Ellis, you might want to root for QB Matt Ryan and RB Darren McFadden to go as early as possible. If a bunch of defensive players start flying off the board early, Ellis could go as high as No. 5 to the Chiefs.

On 2nd and 3rd round picks...

It's hard to project all the way to the third round, Sir Saint because too much can happen on the first day in the first and second rounds. But I wouldn't be surprised, because of the uncertainty of Deuce McAllister's rehab, that the Saints go for a running back in round two, possibly Tulane's Matt Forte. Forte is a McAllister-type runner who's well rounded, has good character, and a strong work ethic. Sounds a lot like McAllister, doesn't it? The Saints are likely wondering just how effect McAllister could be c oming off a pair of knee surgeries, so going after a running back makes sense.

On Robert Meachem...

According to GM Mickey Loomis, Jarvis, Meachem is having a sensational offseason. He has been working with fellow receiver David Patten, whom Loomis says has been a great role model for Meachem. It was obviously all last year that Meachem was favoring his injured knee and even more obvious that it would be a redshirt season for him. Meachem, by the way, was the only No. 1 draft choice last season never to have stepped on the field.

On Pierre Thomas...

Pierre Thomas proved last year against the Bears, Nathan, that he can be counted on to   be a solid NFL running back. He's a determined runner, a good receiver, can play special teams and appears to be durable. He'll be in the running back mix this season, no question. And there's still some uncertainty about Deuce's health. Sean Payton likes to have a lot of running backs in camp. Thomas will get a long look.

On Will Smith...

I fully expect the Saints to get something worked out with Will Smith at some point. He wants to stay, they want him to stay, and they can afford him. ... If anything, I think this Allen deal will help speed the process along because it helps set the market. Smith should get a deal that falls somewhere in between Allen’s deal (five years. $75 million) and Charles Grant’s deal last year (seven years, up to a maximum of $63 million). (forgive me if I'm wrong on those numbers. I'm going off the top of my head).

There were a few interesting little tidbits within this Q&A that I will mention specifically.

  • Mike Triplett has RB Jamar Brittingham from Bloomsburg (thats where Jahri Evans was from) as a sleeper.
  • They quoted "work out guru" Tom Shaw as having said this about DRC...

"I never make blanket statements, but this guy is going to be as good or better than Deion Sanders. This kid can fly. As soon as he learns the game ... I’ve never seen anyone break on the ball like

  • When asked about trading down in the draft, possibly with the Eagles for Lito Sheppard, Jimmy Smith said this...

Bryant, knowing the double-speak and comment misdirection that is so prevalent this time of year, Loomis' comments that the Saints won't be moving down could be taken with a grain of salt.

Hmmm...sounds familiar. I think I heard a really great Saints blogger say something like that once (of course I am referring to my post yesterday).

If we apply the transitive property (a=b, b=c, then a=c) we get this:

                      Mickey Loomis is a GM
                      All GM's lie this time of year, therefore
                      Mickey Loomis is lying

If Mickey Loomis is lying, than we are trading down with the Eagles and not trading up to get a DT or LB. So watch out for that possibility. As Jimmy Smith reminds us in the Q&A...

Remember Loomis said last year the last position the Saints would draft was a running back and they actually traded up to get Antonio Pittman.


The Saints Official Website released this random, and I mean random, assortment of draft stats, facts and figures. Check it out.


And finally, for those of you who wanted your draft day news from a golf expert, today is your lucky day. Gareth Clary from the Press-Register gives his take on the whole draft day hoopla. Remember, this guy is a golf writer, not football. Here is what he had to say...

Who dat say dey gonna trade with dem Saints? There hasn't been a draft-day trade among the top seven picks since 2003, but New Orleans at No. 10 is exploring ways to move up. The Saints would love to work a deal with the St. Louis Rams at No. 2 to pick LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey. If that falls through, the next option is to trade with the Raiders at No. 4 and pick Southern Cal defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis.

If those don't go through, the Saints could stay at No. 10 and hope to pick up USC linebacker Keith Rivers or a cornerback. About the only sure thing is the Saints are looking for defensive help with their first pick.

There's also a lot of talk of the Saints possibly trading a pair of later picks for Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey or even trading down in a deal with Philadelphia (No. 19) involving Pro Bowl cornerback Lito Sheppard. The busy Saints have a lot of scenarios that could unfold.

Thanks Gareth! The draft day picture is much clearer now that you have shed some light on it with your insider football information.