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Saints Thinking about Trading Jammal Brown for Dorsey

Just found this article from CBS.

The New Orleans Saints are trying hard to move up in Saturday's draft for a shot to draft defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey of LSU, and one of the pieces they are shopping in a trade is left tackle Jammal Brown, according to a league source...The decision to include Brown in trade talks shows the seriousness of the Saints and their want for Dorsey.

To get to Dorsey, the Saints would likely have to work out a deal with the St. Louis Rams to get the second pick. The Rams also like Dorsey, so it might be tough to pry that pick away. The Saints own the 10th pick in the first round, and Dorsey would certainly be gone by then.

The Atlanta Falcons, who own the third pick, are also interested in Dorsey. They could move up to the second spot to make sure the Saints don't jump them to get Dorsey.

Obviously, we have no idea who this "league source" is and how accurate these rumors are, but I am not very happy about this news.

Yeah, I know, Dorsey is an animal. I know, he played for LSU. But Jammal Brown is a franchise guy. He is a first round pick that actually went right. We know he can hack it in this league. You and I have taken the same number of snaps in the NFL as Dorsey. And of course Brown he plays LT, a very important position. He protects Drew Brees' blind side and keeps him from getting killed. Anything happens to Drew and you can probably kiss the season goodbye. No way do we have a good enough replacement for Brown in Strief or Bushrod should he be gone. I just don't feel Dorsey is worth giving up Brown. Seems to me the wiser decision would be to go for Sedrick Ellis. He is very close in talent to Dorsey, but he will be easier to acquire and wouldn't require giving up as much as say...Jammal Brown.

Anyone else agree? Disagree?