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Is This Shockey Thing Really Gonna Happen?

We are getting closer and closer to draft day, which is also the time when experts said the Shockey trade would be going down. So where are we at? Last time we talked about it, Seattle was also in the hunt for him.

Apparently, that was just a rumor. The Seahawks said today they are not interested in Shockey according to an article at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The Seahawks quickly dismissed the report, saying they have no serious interest in the four-time Pro Bowler, who sat out the Giants' run to the Super Bowl after breaking his leg in Week 15 of the regular season.

Ralph Vacchiano with the NY Daily News also agrees. In his article detailing what the Giants will do in this weekends draft, he gives his opinion.

It’s not that the Giants aren’t willing, it’s that from what I can tell the bidding just won’t get high enough. They have had at least three inquiries they considered serious - from the Saints, the Seahawks, and one other team I haven’t quite figured out yet (I thought it was Atlanta, but I’m honestly not sure). The best offer was from the Saints - a second-round pick. But the Giants countered asking for that pick and safety Roman Harper, which one NFL source said "absolutely isn’t going to happen."

I am glad that the Saints organization realizes that Roman Harper is too good, and has too much potential talent to give up. I think most Saints fans would have been upset to see him used as trade bait. The Daily News does go on to note that there are still some people in the Giants locker room who think Shockey will not be a Giant by this weekend.

Back on the home front, our own Times-Pic writer David Gladow begs to differ, though he doesn't think it would be a good idea.

Giants TE Jeremy Shockey - Much has already been made of Shockey's unhappiness in New York, the Giants' willingness to trade him and the Saints' pursuit of just such a deal. The Saints are confirmed to have interest, and a negotiation has already taken place. The sudden appearance of Seattle on the scene complicates things some, but the Giants still figure to have trouble getting their asking price. If the Saints can come up some on their offer, they'll have a good chance of acquiring him. But should they? I say look to the Super Bowl - the Giants won the thing without him, and the Saints can too. An upgrade at tight end makes a great deal of sense, but Shockey's ridiculous antics and "me-first" attitude make him a risky pickup ... at best.
Chance of Saints acquisition: 55%
Good move?: No.

55%? Thats a pretty good chance. Where does he get these odds? Check out the entire article to see the other trade possibilities for the Saints. Some of them are really out there, like Brian Urlacher and Jason Taylor.


On another note, Yahoo! Sports did a piece on the ten best drafts in history with regards to the most talent.  The best draft ever? 1983. The year when the NFL got QB's John Elway, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly, among other highly notable talents. Look over the article for the rest.