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Friday Reading

Got some reading for you guys today. This will probably be my only post for today. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves. I will be back at some point tomorrow, probably after the draft to talk about our new players.

First up is the Times-Pic of course. They did an in-depth analysis of the Saints depth-chart and our needs coming into the draft. Pretty good. Check it out.


Here is another article from the Times-Pic telling us something we already know...the Saints need to draft defense. Tell us something we don't know!

Specifically, the Saints need to improve their pass defense, which yielded 245.2 yards per game last season, 30th in the NFL.

Two ways to do that are by bringing in a defensive lineman to bolster the pass rush or selecting a cover cornerback.


Larry Holder at the Sun Herald wrote a little comparison of Sean Paytons two draft classes thus far. His findings? The '06 class rocked and the '07 class did not. Well no duh!

But a brief glance at the two draft classes in Payton's tenure displays a glaring contrast from the Saints' 2006 and 2007 draft rosters...One reason for the 2006 draft class burst onto the scene while the rookies of 2007 didn't bring much of an impact is likely because of the lack of open starting roles.

Basically, every starting spot was filled. The two slots up for grabs were cornerback, which David easily won in training camp, and wide receiver, where Meachem was thought to compete for immediately.


The Fanhouse has a quick post about the Jammal Brown trade possibility and supports us shipping him out.

What many don't know about Brown is that he's got a degenerative knee condition dating back to his college days that teams were aware of. The word on the injury was that it wouldn't damper his play, but would most likely shorten his career significantly. I think that injury is in the Saints' minds right now, tempting them to deal Brown before he commands a huge contract he might not live up to.

I had known about this, but I'm still not for it. Wouldn't it make sense to keep Brown, and try to get Sedrick Ellis, an almost equally talented DT, for a lesser price, by giving up someone else. Someone who is does not play as significant a role. Someone like...Jason David! Just kidding. Nobody wants "Chasin' David". (I stole that from SouthernSaint. Thanks man. Funny!)


Our loyal reader Stujo4 sent me this one (thanks!) so props go out to him. For future reference, feel free to post stuff like this that you find in the FanPost section (on the new site). Thats what its there for, and that way you can get more credit! Anyway, it comes from Sports Illustrated. I will quote the entire blurp...

If I worked for the Saints, I would ...

Draft Jonathan Stewart. The Saints badly need a full-time running back. Deuce McAlister is coming off his second major knee injury and will be 30 during the season. It may be difficult at this point in his career for McAlister to regain his powerful and effective running style. Reggie Bush is a "run a play" back, meaning when Bush is in the game, everyone knows he is going to get the ball or at least be a decoy. Because Bush cannot pass protect, it's impossible to run the entire Saints offensive playbook when he is in the game. They have to run specific plays for Bush. In the NFL, when you run a specific play instead of your offense, you become a much easier offensive team to defend. Last year Bush's longest run was 22 yards and his longest pass reception was 25 yards. Hardly big time numbers for someone who is supposed to be a game changer.

With Stewart, they would get a big back who is very hard to tackle, allowing Bush to be a complement player. The former Duck has outstanding running skills, he can pass protect, he can catch the ball with ease and has a powerful body that can handle the punishment. Every time he touches the ball, he is capable of making the big play. He may be rookie of the year under the creative mind of Saints coach Sean Payton. Without another running back in their rotation, and Bush as the main runner, the Saints are vulnerable and predictable on offense.

I get what he's saying here, but what about Pierre Thomas. He is a physical guy who can be an every down back. He's not the biggest guy on the field but he loves contact and probably loves to knock a defender on his ass every now and then. And even if we were going for a RB in the first round, I think Mendenhall would be a better pick. Much better value, plus he could be reunited with his former teammate, afore mentioned Pierre Thomas. The other hole in this argument...No way do I think the Saints would use their first round pick on a RB. We need to go defense. We can use our second round pick on a RB if we need one that bad. Say...Matt Forte. Fortunately, this guy doesn't call the shots!


Finally, on a lighter note, our friends over at Who Dat Say blog have a funny clipping on everyone's favorite couple, "Kush" aka Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush.

News: Kim Kardashian told Fox News this week that her attempts to save the planet include taking showers with her boyfriend, New Orleans Saint Reggie Bush. "I conserve water by showering with my boyfriend so we can save water together," said Kardashian.

Thanks guys!


As I said earlier, I may be a little scarce this weekend (I know on draft weekend!) but I will try and check in and get something up. Feel free to email me with any big news. Hopefully after the draft, the new site will be up and we can really have some fun. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow and hope the Saints pick some winners. You guys excited!? Who Dat!?