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Do You Feel a Draft?


Here we go! The day we true die-hard Saints fans have been looking forward to since the moment the team decided to stupidly punt to Devin Hester against Chicago in the final week of the 2007 season. Yeah, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

The Saints have been one of the most talked about teams in regards to this years draft. Trading up for Dorsey? Trading down for Sheppard? Trading for Shockey? Trading back up for Ellis? My ears are bleeding from reading all of the possible draft day scenarios. And of course, no one really knows what the hell is gonna happen anyway. Just what the hell is this team gonna do on draft day?

Peter King agrees...

I think the most interesting team, if only for the number of directions they could be headed Saturday afternoon, is New Orleans.

Draft day is an exciting time for all NFL teams. Its a chance to start anew. A chance to right past wrongs. But this year seems to be even more crucial for our black and gold. The feeling I get from most Saints fans, and its the same feeling I have, is that this is a team on the precipice. A team just one transaction shy of putting together a championship caliber team. After seeing how good we can actually be in 2006, we are optimistic. We know this team can play well. We know the offense can go out there and put points on the board. We know our defense sucked last year but man, this off-season it looks like we fixed that. We know last year was a fluke and totally unexpected. All we need are just a few more tweaks and this ship will be ready to sail all the way to title town. And draft day is the chance for the Saints to add that final piece of the puzzle.

So buckle up, because Payton and Loomis are driving and this is sure to be an exciting show, no matter what happens.


I will give you a few final articles to whet your appetite until this afternoon.

I guess we have to start with Shockey. I'm sure if he had anything to say about it, he would demand that he be the headlining story. It appears the Saint and Giants really are trying to get this deal done, but the only thing stopping them is a disagreement over what he is worth. ESPN explains it all in this article.

New Orleans's apparent deal for tight end Jeremy Shockey has hit a delay because of the Giants' demand for more than a No. 2 draft pick for the former Pro Bowler, ESPN's John Clayton reports.

The Saints have been debating offering a No. 2 pick, according to sources, but some in the organization would prefer including no more than a No. 3 pick. New Orleans officials' reluctance makes the deal, which could get done on the draft-day clock or Saturday morning before the draft, difficult to pull off.


The NY Daily News also has an article discussing the stagnant Shockey deal.

Former Giants offensive coordinator Sean Payton has made no secret of his desire to be reunited with Jeremy Shockey. The only question now is this: How much is the reunion worth to him?

The final answer to that question will come today and will be the determining factor in whether the controversial tight end is still a Giant tomorrow morning. The Saints appear to be the lone bidders in the Shockey sweepstakes, but they've yet to come close to the Giants' asking price.

But according to one NFL source, the Saints were willing to increase their initial offer of a second-round pick to include another pick late in the draft - possibly their fifth-rounder. However, the Giants had asked for a second-round pick and safety Roman Harper and didn't seem to be backing off their high demands.


Jay Glazer at Fox Sports said this morning that we are actually very close to getting this Shockey deal done. Check out his quick little write up. has learned that New Orleans early this week offered the Giants a second-round pick in today's draft as well as either a sixth-rounder this year or a fifth in 2009 to get the deal sealed. Despite reports to the contrary, the deal has been on the table for quite some time and remains available today.


Larry Holder at the Sun Herald gave his final word on the today's draft.

All the scuttlebutt entering this draft for the New Orleans Saints revolves around the team trading up to No. 2 and drafting LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey.

I've got one word for you on that deal - foolish.

The Saints need to get younger at defensive tackle, but dealing left tackle Jammal Brown isn't the answer, especially with Zach Strief or Jermon Bushrod standing as the possible starter.

Amen! Larry.

Ellis is the guy. Hands down.


This is the voice of reason people. And this is where I am going to make my final stand on what the Saints should do in the draft today. I've said it before, and I will say it again...trying to move up to get Dorsey would be too costly. Why do that when you can get an almost equal value in Ellis for much less.

I can't help but think this: a great DT can play well, apply pressure on a pass rush, and help the DB's behind him by forcing QB's to throw bad passes or prevent passes at all. In essence, if we upgrade our DT we are also upgrading our DB's. It's the old "Killing two birds with one stone" cliche. Trade up and get get Ellis! That is where CSC stands.


In non team news, the Times-Pic reports that broadcaster Kenny Wilkerson resigned on Monday.  

Wilkerson, who'd worked at the station for 17 years, wouldn't comment on his departure beyond confirming that he'd resigned...In addition to co-hosting the station's afternoon-drive "SportsTalk" block with Hebert, Wilkerson had done sidelines reporting for WWL's broadcasts of New Orleans Saints games since 1997.

I am an avid listener of "Sports Talk" and I love all those guys. I hope everything is alright with Kenny and I wish him the best.


This last one is a stretch, but sort of interesting. The fleur de lis, the symbol of our beloved team, may also become the official symbol of the entire state. The Times-Pic drops some knowledge on us.

"When I see the fleur de lis I think of the New Orleans Saints, New Orleans and the state of Louisiana," [Rep. Nickie Monica, R-LaPlace] Monica said.

Who Dat!? Nickie! The bill has passed the House Judiciary Committee, and now goes to the House floor for debate.