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Draft Day Open Thread

Alright guys, I am starting an open thread for you guys if you are gonna be watching the draft at home and sitting in front of your computer. This is how it works: you guys write whatever you want in the comment section of this post as the draft progresses. Than keep checking the last comment in the section by hitting your refresh button often. If a few of you guys all do it, than it will become a live real-time conversation with each other so you can talk about the draft with fellow Saints fans as it's happening. It's basically like using this post as an instant messaging service. Get it?! I urge you to try it out. It's one of the best features of SB Nation and sports blogging in general. This is what we will do for all Saints games as well, so get used to it. Also, I believe the new CSC 2.0 will have an auto-refresh. I will try and check in to see how it's going while I am at Jazzfest.