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Get it? (

Its here! Its here!

No, not the NFL season. Our migration over to Canal Street Chronicles 2.0! Today is the last day we will operate under the old CSC format. So take a mental picture of this old site, for it will be gone, never to be seen again. We were originally scheduled to do this before the draft, but because of technical difficulties, we had to wait until tomorrow.

I know I have warned most of you, but for anyone new out there, this serves as your warning. By the time you wake up tomorrow (actually probably by midnite tonight), we should have switched over, and all you will need to do is sign up and claim your old user name. There will be a post from SB Nation explaining how everything works and all of the new features. I will probably leave that up for a while (all day), so everyone gets a chance to read it. But go nuts! Mess around. Check everything out. Upload an avatar. Be the first to put up a FanPost or a FanShot. On top of the awesome new look and cool SB Nation upgrades, I took it upon myself to totally hook up the sidebars. I have been working the last week on trying to get the best layout and look. We will have an interactive RotoWorld widget, set for Saints player news. Interactive ESPN NFL headlines and Saints news widgets. I had a request for All Time Saints stats. I couldn't get it right on the sidebar, so I created a special page that has Top 5 career and season records for passing, rushing and receiving. Defense was tough and remember that sacks weren't recorded until more recently. I will try and work on that. But I do listen, and anyone else who has any ideas for sections, traditions, anything, just let me know.

Some of our football sites have already made the switch, and I urge you to check them out. Check out Blogging the Boys, Mile High Report and Arrowhead Pride.

There may be a few bugs and problems. There will be instructions on how to report them if you experience them. Please do so, as it will help make our site better. And we thank you for your patience if you do experience any problems.

I will see you on the other side!