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More Post Draft Reading

Got a few more articles for you.

From the New Orleans Saints Official Website, here is more Q&A with Sean Payton about the draft.


Here is Mike Detillier's analysis of the Draft.


Check out this article about our new OT Carl Nicks.


Two articles from The Fanhouse. This one talks about the little rivalry we had going on with Cincinnati in this years draft. We screwed them over twice. Nice!


This one tells us about the backhanded complement the Houston Texans gave Reggie Bush. Basically, he is a third down kinda back. A good one, but not an every down kinda guy.


Will the NFC ever catch up to the AFC as far as talent? Apparently not. Yahoo! Sports gives us its post draft analysis. Here is the AFC and the NFC.  

But with the AFC collecting much of the best talent and making some of the shrewdest moves, it was not a kind draft to the NFC.

Thats cool with me. Just gives the Saints a better chance to make the playoffs when they have a mediocre season, right?

What did they say about the Saints?

New Orleans Saints
Picks: DL Sedrick Ellis, DB Tracy Porter, DL DeMario Pressley, OL Carl Nicks, K Taylor Mehlhaff, WR Adrian Arrington
Positives: Ellis, Porter, Arrington
Negative: No tight end help.
Bottom line: B-. Only two picks in the first 143 selections. The Saints tried to get Jeremy Shockey, but the Giants were asking too much. Ellis and Porter should be solid additions to the defense, and Pressley could be a steal in the fifth round if he stays healthy and improves his lower body strength. Nicks is a project at tackle. Arrington was great value in the seventh round, even if he is unlikely to make the roster at a deep wideout spot.

By the way, grading a draft the next day is just stupid. How the hell do we know how well we did until we see them on the field. I know I did it in the last post, but I am grading how well I thought the Saints front office did in addressing our teams needs in the next year.


Sorry for the rushed quality here, I am on my way to dinner, but I didn't want to leave you guys hanging. I will be back tonight with exciting news!!