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This blogs for you!!

Well...there are about a million and one things I could say, and an equal number of ways to say them. But I will try and keep it simple, serious and to the point.

First of all, I want to thank SB Nation for giving me this opportunity. This was something I was doing for myself as a hobby, and I now have an opportunity to reach a wider audience. Very exciting!

I would also like to have a moment of silence for CSC's former blogger, Sunil. Wherever he is, I wish him the best of luck. I never met the man, but he is obviously a Saints fan, so he must be a good guy. I have gotten a few notes telling me that they really liked Sunil and that I have very big shoes to fill. I can only hope my feet are big enough.

To all my fellow SB Nation bloggers, particularly The Dave's, I appreciate all your help, and the warm welcome I have received already. Dave H. wasn't joking about the amount of emails that fill your inbox. Geez! In all seriousness though, I love it. I look forward to talking with all of you in the future about football and non football topics. Just don't take it out on me when the Saints kick your respective teams butts.

A little bit about myself...
I was actually born and raised in NY. Long Island to be more specific. I moved to New Orleans in 1999 when I began attending Tulane University. I graduated in '03 and just stayed because I love the Crescent City so much. I am now the owner of a retail store, my other passion, that I began working for when I was 19. I fell in love with the Saints in  college and never looked back. There is something to be said about those lovable boys in black and gold that no one could possibly understand unless they feel it themselves. And no one knows the heartache we go through being Saints fans (except Cubs fans), every year being a disappointment as we go for that one-peat. I am one of the lucky 70,000 to have season tickets for the Saints and I try to make one away game a year. I watch every game at least twice. I listen to Bobby Hebert on the radio. I read the paper. I watch ESPN. I watch the local news. I read as many articles as I can online. It's cliche, but I do bleed Black and Gold. If anyone has any questions about me, feel free to ask and I would be more than happy to answer them.

Please note the title of this post, because it sums everything up as far as the direction of this blog. Also note SB Nation's slogan..."Of, by and for the fans." Sadly, I am not a football insider. I will not know every single thing that happens in Who Dat Nation when it happens. I am a fan however, just like you. A very well informed fan. The purpose of my job and this blog is to enlighten you as much as entertain you. My goal is not so much to be the first person on the internet to release the latest info to you, but to lay it all out for you in a simple and interesting way that makes you laugh, makes you think, maybe even makes you cry. The other objective of this blog is to facilitate discussion. Everyone watches the same game, but everyone sees it differently and has their own opinions, and far be it for me to say my opinion is right and yours is wrong. I welcome conversation and debate. That is what makes sports so special and why people love it. It unites people, and I would like this site to be where everyone comes to do just that. The more involvement, the easier it is for me, the more info you get on the Saints, and the more fun it is all around. Let's make this the most popular blog on SB Nation. I dare you!

As for the name, I know it doesn't really make much sense. What does Canal St. have to do with the Saints. It doesn't. I asked if it could be changed. They told me no. So we are gonna deal with it. Sorry.

Another note...SB Nation will be changing formats soon, and we will be included. So keep your eyes open for a new look that will make everything better.

To all readers from my original blog, I hope you decide to follow me here and I hope you sign up. It is only going to get better. To all readers who have already been with SB Nation, I hope you continue your support and involvement. I would like to hear from any and all of you out there, maybe just a quick comment saying "hey" so I know who is out there. I would also love to hear suggestions on what you want to see from me.

I am going to spend the rest of my night watching the Hornets kick some butt, and tinker around with this page to figure out what I'm doing. I apologize for such a serious, touching post.

I leave you with a loud and hearty...WHO DAT!?