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You Knew It Was Coming - Roids!

Well, we knew it would happen. It was only a matter of time. During a period when every athlete in every sport is suspect of juicing, the allegations and accusations have mainly steered clear of the Crescent City.

But it seems the times have caught up with us. The New York Times reported yesterday...

...Matt Lehr, an offensive lineman for the New Orleans Saints...was being investigated for the suspected distribution of performance-enhancing drugs. The investigation is being led by the United States attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Texas.

Here is another article from the Dallas Morning News with a bit more info.

Sure, there was that little incident with Hollis Thomas in 2006 but, assuming he was guilty and I'm not really sure he was, that was minor. I mean, this guys got the U.S. attorney's office after him. Even the fact that the N.Y. Times is reporting this should have Lehr worried. Obviously the reason they are taking this issue more seriously than just an ordinary steroid use case is because it includes  the distribution of steroids. Not good Matt. Not good.

Anyway, it's your typical story. Guy (David Jacobs) gets busted. Rats out some other people (Matt Lehr) to save his own butt. We've all heard it before. I am going to wait to pass judgement on this issue and start hating Matt Lehr however, because, as is usually the case in these situations, guys like David Jacobs get desperate and vengeful. After all, if he doesn't have anything to give the feds then they aren't gonna be interested in giving him a deal. Lehr's lawyer Paul Coggins quotes...

federal authorities had uncovered evidence that showed Jacobs had provided faulty information and that the investigation of his client would probably be dropped. Coggins said Jacobs had turned over Lehr’s name to federal authorities only because Lehr refused to pay Jacobs’s legal fees.

Unfortunately, Lehr is no stranger to steroid accusations. He has already been suspended by the NFL in 2006. Article here. Chances are he is definitely a user. Whether he distributes or not is up in the air. If it is true though, this is not the way to win over fans in a new city. Take note Mr. Lehr, I have reserved a little piece of disdain in my heart in case these allegations turn out to be true. Nice find Coach Payton. This must be the record for shortest amount of time on a team before getting in trouble.

Oooooh, look at me! Talking about steroids scandals. I'm like Bryant Gumbel or something.