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Saints Mini-Camp: Day 2

Here is the latest from Day 2 of Saints rookie mini-camp.

Check out this Q&A with Sedrick Ellis from the New Orleans Saints official website here. Here are some of the more interesting questions, but check out the whole thing for yourself.

What are your first impressions of the heat?

"It’s a little humid down here compared to California, a different kind of heat, but I’m dealing with it and getting acclimated."

Are you looking forward to visiting some of the famous restaurants in town?

"I haven’t ever been to New Orleans, this is my first time, so I think maybe I will give Reggie (Bush) a call and hit the spots, see what is good down here."

How have you handled the conditions the first couple of days of practice?

"It’s different. Even when you work out in California and you think you are in shape, the air is a little different here and you have to get acclimated. The first day was a lot more difficult than today. My body is getting used to it and we’re working it out. I think I came in here in pretty good shape. We did the Combine and it’s been back to back things. I think I did alright."

You can also check out a video with some mini-camp footage and Payton talking in a press conference on the homepage of the New Orleans Saints official website. The music is a little overkill. Nothing is to be gleaned from this footage, just a bunch of guys running around in circles at quarter speed.

Here's more, from, about how happy Coach Payton is with Man Child.

While he has yet to be tested against NFL veterans, coaches appear pleased by Ellis' performance during the first few practices of this weekend's three-day rookie camp, which started Friday and ends Sunday.

"He's been a pain in the rear for a couple days now, splitting double-teams and getting in the backfield," head coach Sean Payton said.

Living in a place like New Orleans, where the food is rich and some bars never close, can have it's pitfalls for young men experiencing new levels of celebrity and wealth.

Payton, however, doesn't seem too worried about that.

"He's another player you'll be impressed with off the field," Payton said. "He'll bring a presence to us. He'll have to work and earn his spot ... as all these guys will, but I think it's not going to be too big for him."

I love how there are always references to New Orleans debauchery and how it can completely ruin an athlete.

This picture accompanies the article.


Uh.....ummmm....ehhhh....mmmm....yeah. I'm gonna leave this one alone, since he's the new guy, but feel free to leave your witty caption ideas for this picture in the comment section.

The Times-Pic had an article about Coach Payton's feelings about rookie mini-camp. To sum it up...he's happy.

"It's hard to tell (who's standing out) because you've got such a mixed group," Payton said. "You've got to be mindful of who Porter's covering or who Ellis is beating on a double team, or who Nicks is blocking. I think you'll get a better indication of more specifically how they're doing with the veteran players (in full-squad practice sessions later this month).

"But I think overall I've been encouraged with what I've seen from the class in general. The big guard from Nebraska's done a good job of stepping in, Nicks. I think when you look at Ellis, he's been a pain in the rear for a couple days now, splitting some double teams and getting in the backfield. Porter showed some of the coverage skills that we were anticipating we'd see. And this Arrington has done a good job, the receiver we drafted late, of just handling the assignments. He's a pretty sharp kid."

There were several players who were invited to this weekends mini-camp for try-outs including, interestingly enough, Denzel Washington's son.

Among those tryout players are LSU cornerback Jonathan Zenon and LSU receiver Josh McManus. Another interesting name is running back John David Washington, son of actor Denzel Washington, who spent the last two years on the St. Louis Rams' practice squad.