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Rookie Mini-Camp Review

I guess this is the part where I, as a blogger, am supposed to give you, the reader, a recap of how I feel about this weekends mini-camp and offer some deep insight as to what affect all of this will have on the team this upcoming season. I'll make this easy and sum it up in one word.


Thats right, I'm reserving my dreams of post-season exaltation. Sure, I could say Sedrick Ellis has not even the faintest inkling of being a bust and appears ever more like a wisely aggressive draft day move. That Arrington is the next Colston, our new number two receiver, and the fact that he claims to only have dropped one pass all weekend signals the end to the Saints severe case of the dropsies. I could also say our second round pick Tracy Porter looks like a ball hawking cover man who could start in week 1 and be the exact answer we were looking for in the backfield to prevent those long passing plays that have haunted us so much. And Mehlhaff? Well, he's the next Morten Anderson don't ya know. I could even go so far as to say it looks like this coaching staff is just what Carl Nicks needs and they are going to polish this 343 pound diamond in the rough, maybe by moving him over to guard, and enable him to become a factor on this team much earlier than expected and showing other teams what a steal he was.

But I won't. I'm not falling into that trap again. We've all been here before. Things need a lot more time to play out before any judgments can be passed on the new corp.

Am I excited? You bet!  Do the coaches, players and media seem positive and optimistic? Oh yeah! But this is rookie mini-camp. Everyone is farting rainbows and unicorns at this point. I can't even find a bad word spoken this weekend about any of the rookies so I refuse to let a few no pads run-throughs lead me to believe that I should start reserving my tickets for Tampa this February.  But I will sum it up by saying this: things are looking good!

What do you guys think?