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Tracy Porter's College Coach Speaks with CSC



Recently, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to ask a few questions of Indiana cornerbacks coach and co-defensive coordinator, Joe Palcic, about his former player, Saints second round draft pick Tracy Porter. If the Palcic name sounds familiar, you will know why in a second. Here is what we discussed...

CSC: Coach Palcic, you have some ties to the New Orleans Saints, would you care to elaborate?
JP: Yes, my father coached for the Saints under Jim Haslett from 2000-2005.  He coached the TE's. My parents enjoyed living in New Orleans.  My brother-in-law is Mark Simoneau who currently plays LB for the Saints.  Coach Payton, Coach Kromer, and  Coach Dalyrmple were all my coaches when I played at Miami ,OH.  So yes, I have quite a few ties to the New Orleans Saints.

CSC: Have you spoken to Tracy since the draft? Is he excited? He is a local boy.
JP: Yes, I have spoken to him many times. I have had him over for dinner since the draft.  He is very excited! There is no other place he would rather play.  Growing up the Saints were his favorite team.  He is excited to play and be so close to his family.

CSC: With help needed at the cornerback position, do you think he will make an impact on this team in his first year?
JP: Yes, I think he has the talent to be a starter in the NFL. Only time will tell if he can do it as a rookie.  He will definitely see the field and contribute as a Nickel and on Special Teams.

CSC: What scheme best fits Tracy’s style of play?
JP: Tracy can be successful in any style of play. He is best matched up on a wide receiver whether it be in a man or zone scheme.  He is a true cover corner.

CSC: What are Tracy’s strengths as a player?
JP: He has the best combination of speed, agility, feet, hips, ex.. that I have ever seen.  He is a great athlete.  He also has great ball skills that allow him to make plays on the ball.

CSC: What are his weaknesses?
JP: Tracy really has no glaring weaknesses. He continues to improve on the physical aspect of the game. He must be an effective tackler in the NFL. I think he will do great.

CSC: What is Tracy like off the field and in the locker room?
JP: Tracy is a strong leader that does so by example. He was one of our two captains at Indiana. Off the field he was never in trouble, he did well in school and graduated in four years. His personality is easy going and quiet.

CSC: Is Mark Simoneau excited about the upcoming season? There is going to be plenty of competition.
JP: Yes he was excited to sign a new contract and play for the Saints organization again.  He likes and respects his coaches and teammates.  There is competition every year in the NFL, but Mark is the ultimate professional. He will be ready to compete.

Canal Street Chronicles would like to thank Coach Palcic once again for taking time out of his schedule to sit down and answer these questions. We wish him and his team the best of luck next season.