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Saints News: 5.13.08

The Sun Herald had an article about Jeremy Geathers, son of former Saint James "Jumpy" Geathers. Here is what he had to say.

"My cousin (Robert Geathers Jr.) plays for the Bengals, my dad playing 15 years as long as he did," Jeremy Geathers said. "I definitely come in with the pressure. My last name identifies more than me. It's the family, so I definitely have to go out there and play from them as well as my family."

"I believe I have from my father's forte with a pass rush," Jeremy Geathers said. "That's my talent. I'm good at the run also, but it's something about my pass rush that the coaches love. But I feel like I love the run just as much as my pass rush."


"I just look at it as a great opportunity to come in and compete," Jeremy Geathers said. "I've got to compete with all the backups as well. Hopefully I will get in there and show the coaches what I can do. It's definitely a great opportunity, though."

Interesting note: Jeremy is wearing the same number his father did, #97.


Black and Gold has a Q&A with Carl Nicks' former coach at Nebraska, Shawn Watson who, interestingly enough, was on the staff that recruited Sean Payton out of high school. Check it out here.

B&  What things would you say Carl has to improve on to be a serious contender for a roster spot?

Coach Watson:  Well, every player has room to improve (some more than others).  But if I had to offer advice, I’d say that he should apply himself day-in and day-out.  Now that this is the NFL, he’ll have to push hard to make the team, and be a good student of the game.  Learn from the veterans in camp; put time in doing homework (studying film and all that).  But again, it’s like the slogan:  "Some practice till they get it right.  Pros practice until they can’t get it wrong."

Coach Watson finished it off by saying he thinks the Saints could go all the way this year. Good answer coach.

Our very own blogger corn blight from Corn Nation had this to say about the development of Nicks.

Nebraska has gone through a coaching change with the firing of Bill Callahan and the hiring of LSU's former defensive coordinator Bo Pelini, what we're hearing about our offensive lineman is that the former strength coach focused solely on strength, and did little in the way of making the guys faster, so it may be that this is an area in which Nicks will improve with different coaching.

Those looking to take a trip down memory lane can read this article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about  our dear old friend "Hollywood" Joe Horn.  Apparently, he wants to get traded because he doesn't want to be the teams "just-in-case guy." Man, that is really bad if you are the Falcons "just-in-case guy."

"I want to win a Super Bowl and I want to win a Super Bowl here in Atlanta, but I don't think I can help this team win a Super Bowl sitting on the bench, waiting for third down," Horn said.

Horn said he had not approached the team yet about his desire to be dealt but that him and/or his agent would in the near future.

Hadn't approached the team yet? I'm sure they love hearing it from the media first.

"They're going with the younger guys and I don't have a problem with that, if that's the course they've chosen," Horn said. "I want to have an opportunity to play with a team that needs a veteran to play and contribute and who helps the young guys.

"I'm not rocking the boat. The main reason I came here last year was for [owner] Arthur Blank. His character, his passion and the way he takes care of his people. I relish the opportunity to play here. I haven't talked to Mr. Blank but so far the way it seems, I think they want to go younger."

Sorry Joe, you are 36. I don't think any team should be "going with the older guys." Nothing is being done at this point to trade him.

Keep it here later today, because we will have an interview with Tracy Porter's former coach at Indiana, Joe Palcic.