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Saints News: 5.16.08

In case you forgot about the whole investigation involving Matt Lehr and his alleged steroid distribution, The NY Times has some more news.

Jacobs said his lawyer would be present next week for a second meeting with league investigators, and Jacobs planned to bring documentary evidence regarding sales to players.

Greg Aiello, a spokesman for the N.F.L., confirmed that league representatives had met with Jacobs and said future meetings were scheduled but declined to discuss the matter further.

Jacobs said the investigators expressed concern that the information he had would be reported by the news media before the league had a chance to investigate the matter fully.

“They said they didn’t want to go through what baseball has gone through with the public and Congress,” Jacobs said.

The results of these meetings could spell doom for Lehr depending on what kind of evidence Jacobs has and whether he is, in fact, telling the truth or not.

Saints Insider had an article about Sedrick Ellis and his acclimation to life in New Orleans and as a Saint. Most of it is stuff we have already heard about his desire to work hard and earn a starting spot. Of course there is the standard discussion of the many dangers and pitfalls of our great city of New Orleans.

“Even when you work out in California and you think you are in shape, the air is a little different here and you have to get acclimated. …” he said. “My body is getting used to it and we’re working it out. I think I came in here in pretty good shape.”

And there’s the New Orleans food.

Ellis wouldn’t be the first Saints lineman to take advantage of New Orleans plentiful restaurants and reputation as a diner’s delight, but, he said, he’s ready to fight the temptation.

“It’s always a concern for a big guy, but as a professional now, you have to be disciplined, get your workouts in and watch your eating habits,” Ellis said.

You may have found this news over on the RotoWorld widget to my right, your...right. Or this could be the first your hearing of it, either way you got it from CSC. The Star-Ledger has a quick article about DE Renaldo Wynn visiting the Giants. This is what his agent said.

"He had a good visit and there's interest on both ends," Schaffer said. "We'll continue to talk and see what develops."

This news is freaking out Giants fans who think this is a sign of Strahan's retirement. I highly doubt the Giants will repeat, so why not go out on top?

Mickey Loomis pretty much confirmed on Sirius Satellite Radio that the Shockey deal was all but dead. Quote from this article at The Record.

“It’s no secret we had some discussions with them and we just couldn’t come to a conclusion on the right compensation,” Loomis told Sirius NFL Radio. “I understand that. He's a very good player and the Giants don't want to just give him away - unless they feel like they're getting really good value.
“But for the most part that’s dead ... I don't anticipate that being rekindled.”

So quit talkin' about it!

This one  is sure to make you chuckle. Apparently, Ricky Williams was invited to party on Cedric Benson's boat the day he was arrested but declined.

"I think if I had come down, things might have worked out a little bit differently," Williams told the American-Statesman. "I find I have a calming influence on people I'm around.

"As a high-level athlete, it's just something that's ingrained in me. I always think that if I'm there, things would be different. I can't say how."

I am on the floor laughing. Its just hilarious on so many levels. Soooo many levels. To be inside his mind for one day.

In somewhat stupid news, Drew Brees' Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger beat out Adrian Peterson's Jalapeno Smokehouse Bacon Burger and Brian Westbrook's Triple-the-Cheese Bacon Burger in Chili's Restaurant Smokehouse Bacon Burger Showdown. The good news: Brees receives $10,000 for his foundation.