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Can You Bottle Talent?

They can both be labeled as good quarterbacks (Photo Source)

Apparently, you can. I was at my local gas station/supermarket when I found a shelve of dusty wine bottles with a familiar face on it. It was Drew Brees on the label of his Vintage Brees Chardonnay. I turned the corner and noticed its red wine counterpart Cajun Cannon Cabernet. Though on the field I think I prefer Brees, I am a red wine guy so I took home Bobby Hebert's.

This is nothing new, and you may very well have heard about this in November last year when it was released, but this is the first time I have seen it in a store, and I really am drinking it as we speak. Gridiron Cellars has teamed up with Charity Wines to allow you to get drunk and help others. Everyone wins!

I am not a wine expert, so I will spare you of a pretentious description but here is what the bottle says I'm supposed to taste...

Rich and ripe with enticing flavors of currant, blackberry and creamy chocolate oak. This full-bodied Cabernet has notes of spice and tobacco and moderate tannins on the finish. Perfect with any grilled meats or Italian dishes.

Oh yeah, I definitely tasted all that. 2005 was a good year for Napa reds. Kidding. Seriously though, doesn't anyone else think its weird that your drink has a slight tobacco flavor. And what is creamy chocolate oak? I applaud wine connoisseurs whose taste buds are refined enough to pick up these subtle nuances. Personally, I swear I think they make this stuff up.

The old and the new (Photo Source)

Of course every bottle sold goes to a good cause. Says the bottle...

Proceeds from this sale will be donated to the Louisiana chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in New Orleans.  Your money will buy the science that buys  life for all those affected with cystic fibrosis. For more information, please visit

So go out to your local retailer and fill up your cellar with these two wines. Show your support for the Saints, a good cause and your drunkenness, in no particular order. While these fine wines help dull the pain of a god awful Saints season, CSC reminds readers to drink responsibly.