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Saints News: 5.21.08

Of course we are leading off with the whole Charles Grant story this morning. By now you have probably heard about this. Anyway...remember in February when Grant was stabbed in the neck during a fight at a club? Apparently our boy with the fat contract has been indicted by an Early Country grand jury on charges of involuntary manslaughter stemming from the incident. Here is the Indictment from the Early County News and the story from the Times-Pic. This is what Grant's lawyer had to say...

"I assure you we intend to plead not guilty and put up a pretty vigorous fight," Tolley said

Tolley said that Grant will arrange to turn himself in soon, then follow the legal process.

"I think all the evidence is that Grant did not participate in a fight, start a fight or shoot a gun," Tolley said. "It's created a unique indictment. We'll have to do the best we can to sort this out."

It's still questionable as to how serious of a charge this is. Too early to really speculate, but early indications don't look like this will amount to much. I'm sure the picture will become clearer quite soon.

The 2012 Superbowl host city was announced yesterday amid the Charles Grant/CBA/Matt Ryan ruckus. Superbowl XLVI will be held in Indianapolis' new Lucas Oil Stadium.

AOL's fanhouse had this blurb about the Saints failure's to acquire decent linebackers in the past couple of years. There is some truth to that, but my rebuttal is that the chain has to be broken at some point.

You old school guys might enjoy this one. Armchair GM released this analysis of the best linebacking corps of all time. Though the list is supposed to be in no particular order, the "Dome Patrol" is first. No particular order my butt. Here is what they said.

New Orleans Saints-Ricky Jackson, Pat Swilling, Sam Mills Vaughn Johnson 1987-1991...The lone bright spot for an otherwise forgettable team, this group features three LB's who were named to multiple Pro Bowls. You could make a legitimate argument that all three of the famed "Dome Patrol" should be in the Pro Football Hall of fame. Pound for pound Sam Mills was one of the best middle linebackers ever having had his #51 retired by both the Saints and Carolina Panthers, he played in five Pro Bowls; Pat Swilling was NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1991, had 105 career sacks, five Pro Bowls, and six All Pro nods; Ricky Jackson finished his career with 136 sacks, six Pro Bowls, 29 fumble recoveries. They may have been the best LB unit ever.

More news from Saints days of yore. Willie Roaf will be inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame on September 26th. Via the Times-Pic.

This isn't Saints news and the Hornets season is over, but I couldn't pass this one up. Story from Yahoo! Following their win over the Hornets, the Spurs tried to leave town quickly. Unfortunately for them their plane had mechanical problems, postponing their flight. With no available hotel rooms, they had to sleep on the plane or on buses brought onto the tarmac. They didn't take off until 6:30am.

OTA's start today and it is one of the days the media will be allowed to watch. I will try and stay on top of it and give you an update, though tomorrow is an incredibly busy day.