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Getting to Know: YOU!

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Is she freaking you out?  (Photo Source)

In an effort to raise participation and continue to help create a growing community atmosphere, I bring you this post. This ought to help everyone get acquainted.

Fill in the blank. Use #2 pencil only. Keep your eyes on your own screen. If you finish early, check over your answers. Partial credit will be given for showing your work. Leave your corresponding answers in the comments. You may,

1. I have been a Saints fan for _______ years.

2. I am a Saints fan because ______.

3. My favorite moment in Saints history was _______.

4. It will take the Saints ______ more year(s) to win the Superbowl.

5. I attend _____ Saints game(s) a year.

Extra Credit: Canal Street Chronicles _____.

Have a good weekend!