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Who Would You Keep?: Wide Receivers


With training camp quickly approaching, and a ton of guys on the roster that will need to be cut, Coach Payton and his staff will have some tough decisions to make this off-season. Fortunately (or unfortunately), you're not Payton. But if you're like me, you definitely have an opinion on who should stay and who should go. In what will be a series of posts, I pose the question to you: Who would you keep? We start off with a tough one today, the wide receiver position.

Here are your options. Colston is a given, so you get to pick the other 4, in depth chart order. If, for some reason, you don't think Colston is the number one receiver, please email me off-site and give me the name of your dealer. I'm even throwing Reggie in the mix if you think he should be used just as a receiver and give up the running back dream. Feel free to be as elaborate as you wish.

  • David Patten
  • Devery Henderson
  • Robert Meachem
  • Terrance Copper
  • Lance Moore
  • Adrian Arrington
  • Todd Blythe
  • Skyler Green
  • Reggie Bush
  • Carlos Robinson
  • Titus Ryan

Obviously, this is to promote conversation and interaction (I'm not giving up on this one!). Leave your answers in the comment section. Feel free to check back often and and comment on other people's picks. If you want to reply to a readers specific choices, click "reply" to their specific comment. If you have the chance, leave the post open in your browser's window and when someone else makes a comment, it will automatically show up. If enough of you get a chance to do that, it will be just like a live chat room. Pretty cool. Enjoy!