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Saints News: 5.27.08

This video  came out yesterday afternoon. It comes from Adam Schefter talks about Adrian Arrington. After the stupid advertisement you have to watch, jump to 40 seconds into the clip. Thats when they start talking about Arrington. Warning: Prematurely positive outlook. Proceed with Caution.

Here's a funny story. From The Celebrity Cafe. Ooooooh. Kim Kardashian scared the ever lovin' out of boyfriend Reggie Bush during an interview with People.

When she was asked about the ring she was wearing, Kardashian responded by saying, “I’m about two months pregnant right now and we’re getting married on August 8th of 2008.”

...Bush appeared extremely startled. However, Kardashian quickly interjected by revealing that it was simply a joke.

Better be a joke. Reggie's got a game the day before. We can't have him distracted in any way this pre-season.

The Voodoo lost a close one last night in the Graveyard. The team is starting to go south and they have lost their division lead. They are still in the hunt however because they are in the Southern Division, a division filled with mediocre or worse teams. Sound familiar?

Sorry guys, thats all I got today. Fortunately, you have another Saints and Music Series to look forward to at 3pm this afternoon. Check back.